Friday, July 12, 2013

5 on Friday :: Future Babes, Summer Sandals, Moscato & More.

Every week I'm all "I'm going to link-up with this hot little mama for Five on Friday" and I think of my five things and sometimes I even jot them down in the notes section of my phone and the week comes and goes and I completely forget to write up my post without a single good excuse as to why I didn't link up. 

But not this week. Here I am, on Monday, writing up my post for Five on Friday. If that's not dedication, I don't know what is. Want to link up with everyone? It's simple. Blog about 5 things you're loving, loathing, thinking about, etc. Grab the cute little button, embed it in your post and link it up at the end of Darci's post each week. When you're done, hop around the other linker-uppers and say hi. I prefer to do all of the above with a chilled glass of mango Moscato. 

I've added a few new pairs of sandals to my summer collection this season and I have to say, I am absolutely smitten with every single pair. From a fresh new pair of Jacks to the super popular glitter sandal from Target that everyone and their mother raved about, these sandals have been a welcome addition to my closet. Paired with neon shorts and a sun-kissed glow, I'm glad I saved and splurged when I did. 

From top to bottom: Target (similar) Boden Jack Rogers Tory Burch Havaianas
This just so happens to be the number of bottles I recently purchased of Mamamango. If you're a fan of sweet summery cocktails and bubbly moscato, this delectable treat is for you. It's the best of both worlds and I would be lying if I said I couldn't polish off a bottle by myself for dessert. It's that good and it's even better once the kids are in bed and you're sitting on the deck with your newly tanned and relaxed husband. For clarification sake, it's the tan that's new, not the husband. 

The husband and I have started to entertain the thought of baby number three. I wrote earlier this year about my goal for 2013 which was to be College Hot and Not Knocked Up which, if we're keeping tabs, so far, I've succeeded. Although let it be known that I still have a couple of months to go until my 30th birthday. And my husband is kind of hot.

That said, we're still in the nitty gritty of raising our babies. Between the Terrible Twos-Turned-Threes and Teething Purgatory, there are days when my husband and I look at each other and think, "Well, it can't get much worse, right? What's one more baby?" And then other days when I slip into my size 4 neon JCrew shorts, tuck my boobs into the waistband of my underwear and swear to high heaven that the next surgery I endure will not be a c-section but rather surgery of the more cosmetic variety. It's on those days that I'm perfectly happy with pair of droopy boobies and beautiful little boys.

This just so happens to be the number of weeks it took to spend more than three-fourths of my grocery/diaper budget for the month of July. If we're keeping track it's only July 12th. We're not even midway through the month and I've nearly blown the budget. I'm terrible at budgets and can't, for the life of me, fathom why it costs so damn much to feed a family of four. Hell, Maclane hardly counts! He's like half of a human! In all seriousness though, I need to get better at this budgeting stuff. By the end of the month, I find myself getting really creative with our dinners. And by "creative" I mean we're all left to fend for ourselves. 

Speaking of budgets, this is the number of times I'm allowing myself to head to Starbucks each week. I only recently discovered that I can reload my Starbucks mobile card from my PayPal account and upon that discovery, noted that it's kind of magic how money just keeps reappearing on my card each week. I won't even mention how many cake pop sticks my husband pulled from my car before we left for the beach last week. It's that embarrassing. In my defense, however, the cake pops are often Carter's reward for extra good behavior or completing a day's worth of "chores"  which must mean that he's a really perfect boy, no? Let's roll with it.

Happy Friday, Loyals!

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  1. I'm so tore about baby #3. Somedays I think we should just do it now while we're in the thick of it and other days I think we should wait a couple of year and take a trip together or something. I don't know. I'll probably end up knocked up next month.

  2. So glad that you linked-up, dear!!!! Ekkkk!

    You crack me up and oh my gosh, I can relate on *so* many levels {except the college hot part, DAMN IT! Damn it!}. We're getting close to being ready for babe # dos, but there are days too where I'm like "I so love NOT being pregnant" and "we've absolutely go this down... why mess with a good thing!" We'll know when we're ready, I suppose! That or we'll go on vacation and come home w/ a babe on the way (like we did with Jackson!). Either way... you get the same result. ;)

    As for budgets. Girl. Not even kidding I somehow managed to spend $700 at Target THIS MONTH. As you're full aware. It's the 12th. Shit is about to get real in the budgeting world. I'm actually considering doing the cash envelope thing just until I'm learning to behave. HA! But really, how does money GO SO FAST?? Even when I feel like I'm being "good" it's so easy to spend $200 in an hour?!

    I think we both need a raise. And four bottles of yummy moscato always on hand. ;)

    So excited that you linked-up! Happy weekend, sweet friend!

  3. Can't stop laughing at your line about how your next surgery will be of the cosmetic kind, not another c-section :)

    Happy Friday, Mama!!

  4. I'm so in love w/ this post I don't know where to start! It's genius! I am 6 mos pp and I can't imagine having another right now but I know that will wear off. Lovin' your new sandals. Have a great day!

  5. Umm...when we pull into Target now my 1 year old immediatly says "pake pop?, my good boy?" Lots of cake pops at our house too.

  6. I think you have excellent taste in sandals (and that's not just because I have three of the pairs that you posted) LOL

    Budgeting- don't get me started. I get paid once a month on the 15th, and by the time the week before payday arrives, I'm like WTH? and I am whipping out my credit card to pay for crap... groceries are the worst!!! (and random shopping trips for clothes and such- which is why I was talking about that wardrobe challenge deal)

    Have a great weekend lady!

  7. I will so be trying that Moscato. I'm just hoping I can find it around here. As for the budgeting, I have no experience feeding kids since it is just myself and my fiancee. However, I started meal planning a week at a time. Usually I will take 5-10 minutes on Tuesday or Wednesday and figure out our meals for the next week and jot down a grocery list with everything we will need. Since I have started doing this we have cut our grocery bill in half. I am able to get all of our groceries in one trip since I know what I will need for the whole week. This cuts down on extra runs to the grocery store and makes it easier to stick to my list, so my "splurge" purchases have been drastically reduced. That extra grocery money usually goes towards my clothes or alcohol fund ;)

  8. Wish I knew that those glittery sandals were all the rage at TARGET - I snatched them up when I saw them on sale at Piperlime. Coulda saved a buck or twenty!

    And I must try that Mamamango - it sounds divine! I'm a sucker for anything mango anyways and this sounds perfect for a hot summer evening on the porch.

    You kill me with your vivid description of your "droopy boobies" - doesn't seem to bother the Husband much! ;)

    The other thing I love about this post is Darci - she's a doll! :)

  9. We just had the super serious baby #3 talk last night! It was the first time we talked about it that I went away from it feeling like we might stick with 2...but who am I kidding...we want 3. Randomly, hubs and I have heard from several people in the last week how much harder 3 is than 2 and it got in both of our heads. I won't lie, it's been weighing on me pretty heavily. That and the whole whipping my body back into shape thing AGAIN. Why don't you go first and then let me know how it goes...ok? ;) xo

  10. I put frozen watermelon in my moscato last night and about died...SO YUMMY. It's like summer in a wine glass! talk. It's been happening around here, too. Some days I want a 2nd so bad and others I'd rather just have a 2nd glass of aforementioned moscato ;)

  11. You had me at "mango moscato"!!!

    And you have the BEST sandal collection! I've found that my Target sandals are some of my favorite!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. i vote yes on babe #3 :) then when i am sad about not being pregnant, i live thru you and your cuteness!!!
    love love love your sandals.
    aaaaand i must try mamamango. stat. well... you know.

  13. Those cake pops are like crack! I'm convinced of it!

  14. I blow our budget way too often! Do not like them...what so ever. :)

    Love the glitter sandals from Target. Wear them almost daily.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  15. I'll have to try that wine, it sounds divine!

  16. Just had baby #3 eleven weeks ago. Let's face it -- there's nothing practical about three littles under the age of 5 -- these days showers are a luxury, I'm still working on losing the last 10 lbs of baby weight, we need to buy a bigger car, and that grocery budget just went.out.the.window. BUT, he's a dream baby. And all that other stuff will work out in due nightly vodka tonic tells me so. ;o)

  17. Ohhh I need to try the Mamamango! Thanks for the suggestion.

  18. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's already blown their grocery budget…seriously, HOW does this happen every month?! By the end I feel like we're in college again, eating ramen noodles and generic mac n cheese :)

    And I laughed out loud at the tucking your boobs into the waistband comment! I know that feeling all too well!!!

  19. I seem to be collecting Moscato lately. Currently, there is a bottle of Flip Flop in my fridge and I got 2 bottles for my birthday...Cupcake Moscato and Luccio Moscato d'asti. The Luccio Moscato is my favorite so far. I have yet to try the Cupcake Moscato.

  20. Love these posts.... but oh, number three - I can't even bring myself to get to number one yet! :-) Have a wonderful week!

  21. My Husband and I have been talking a lot about baby #3 as well. We know that there will be another one, but the timing is just so up in the air. Part of me wants to have a third close in age to Easton so that we can have all the siblings close together (for them and for us) so we can be done having kids at somewhat early ages. But, the on the other hand, I feel like adding another baby in the next year or so would be really hard. 3 kids under 4? Yikes. These decisions are tough!!

  22. My name is Amy and I just started following you yesterday after seeing your pins on Pinterest some time ago. Today, I made a mention of you in the blog that I am reviving after a long hiatus. I have been busy backlogging posts. Feel free to drop in and check the post. I need some new followers to gab with. ;)
    Amy @

  23. Oh, and I meant to say that I absolutely LOVE this Five on Friday idea that you all are doing. I may have to join you soon, after I get the blog caught up. I'm with you on your number four.

  24. I really NEED to set a budget! like really really bad! Kudos to you for considering 3. I'd like to be pregnant..but that's about it! I'm definitely going to be hitting up some vanity surgery when mine start school!

  25. Off topic: I was at work today, and Googled "AP over frame" construction for an insurance quote, and when I clicked over to images, there was your face. ;-)


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