Friday, July 26, 2013

Postpartum Bellies, Babies, Bedding and More!


This has quickly become one of my favorite posts to write each week. It's like a brain dump but with a really cute button to go along with it. This week I'm talking about a myriad of things including but not limited to postpartum bellies, babies, bedding and beyond. Be sure to visit Darci's blog and check out the more than 200 other blogger's who take part in Five on Friday! 

FIVE: I am aghast at the negative comments I'm seeing surrounding the Duchess' postpartum body. Truly aghast. Let's get something straight- that girl who was probably in better shape before baby than I have ever been my entire life, just had a baby a mere twenty four hours prior to appearing in public. You want to know what a brand new mother's second worst nightmare is? Appearing in public the day following birthing your baby. 

I hate to burst the bubbles of those of you unfamiliar with childbirth. You walk out of the hospital looking six months pregnant, on a good day. What's worse? Your leftover belly isn't all firm and tight with baby inside. It's a soft, squishy, jiggly mess whose jiggle literally reverberates throughout your entire body every time you hit a bump on that maiden car ride home. Believe me, it's that awesome.

Rock on with your postpartum body, Duchess mama friend. You look phenomenal and I commend you for not hiding away until you regained your pre-baby figure like most celebrities in the public eye. 

FOUR. My poor, sweet sister-in-law. Bless her very pregnant heart. She's expecting her first baby, literally, any minute now. She's a few days past her due date and although I have no idea what it's like to be "overdue" I know exactly what it's like to be ferociously pregnant in the late July heat, wanting to see your baby's face so badly that it drives you temporarily insane. 

Each day that she posts a picture to Instagram, a flood of "advice" rolls in. "Do this, eat that, don't do this, do this but do it backwards. " I know that everyone's advice comes from a good place but I had to laugh at one point picturing her heeding everyone's advice while crawling up the stairs like a dog after having downed a smoothie mash up of castor oil, pineapple and spicy pad Thai only to do jumping jacks before hopping into bed with her husband. 

That said, this will be my very first nephew and I cannot wait to kiss his freshly baked cheeks. More so, I cannot wait to see my sister-in-law embrace her role as a mother, something she has wanted more than most anything in her life. She's on the precipice of joining one of the greatest "clubs" around and I'm just so excited for them. 

I do worry, however, about the vicious Baby Plague that will likely set in the minute I see my husband holding a brand new baby. Seeing myself above at 36 weeks pregnant with Carter does remind me how much I loathe pregnancy those last few weeks. 

THREE. I have been interrupted no less than forty-seven times while trying to write this post and I can't finish a single thought for the life of me. I'm sitting here trying to write while Maclane takes his morning nap and what I thought would pacify my other child long enough to sit down for some writing clearly isn't cutting it. I'm shamelessly contemplating pulling out the chocolate. 

TWO: Yesterday on what has become our weekly adventure to Target, I snagged this bedding set for an absolute steal. I was prepared to pay the $69.99 that I noted as I grabbed it from the shelf but was downright shocked when the cashier rung it up with a resounding, "it's your lucky day!" It turns out this 3-piece bedding set is on the verge of being discontinued so it had been marked down on clearance for a whopping $30. 

It is absolutely gorgeous and exactly what I've been looking for ever since we bought our house three years ago. I'm now on the hunt for a few accent pillows and as soon as I find what I'm looking for, I can confidently say that our master bedroom is finished! Well, if you don't count the crown molding that I've been bugging my husband to install. 

ONE. This little boy turns three on Tuesday. It sounds so cliche but I really can't believe it. I can't believe that we are parents to a three year old. Some days I feel like we really should know what we're doing by now but there are still moments, many moments, where my husband and I just look at each other all befuddled-like. I have a feeling we'll be having these moments even when the boys go off to college. I just love this boy so much. He continues to amaze me every single day!

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  1. It is horrible what they are saying about the Duchess! I am seven weeks postpartum myself and I have to say I felt so much better seeing her be real with her not perfect belly. She is truly a class act and so honest. Rock on Lady Kate!

  2. Seeing Kate's belly made me remember that she IS human! She looks stunningly beautiful; I can't believe anyone is even talking about her belly...And, I can't believe Carter is going to be THREE! Holy smokes!

  3. Haven't been watching to see what they've said about the duchess, but shame on those people!! not everyone can be giselle bunchen! love this "dump" of a post... and i mean that with the utmost respect ;o) Happy soon-to-be-THREE to Carter! Emmy will be 3 in November and it's just so hard to believe!

  4. Yes to number 5. Kate looks amazing and nobody should be critical of her body!!!

    Happy Birthday to Carter. Love his curls.

  5. I thought Kate looked AMAZING for being 1 day post partum. FAR better than I looked even a month later. Anyone criticizing her obviously has never had a baby, it takes a while just to have your uterus shrink back down. I was happy she didn't hide her belly. Also, I want her hair.

  6. Um. I'd take looking like Kate ANY DAY of the week. Pregnant- Postpartum or NORMAL! People are always gonna have something ugly to say but I say she looked STUNNING!

    Hopefully Pam will have that sweet baby boy this weekend! I can't imagine how ready she is! PAST her due date! Shew wee!!! GOOD LUCK PAM!!!!!!

    Carter. Three. Where does the time go?!?!?!!?!? Love that picture. BOth of them. So photogenic, both of you!


  7. um, you look completely fabulous pregnant! even at 36 weeks! I missed the house in the post ;)
    and I think those boys are going to make you & your hubby look at each other in puzzlement for years to come!

  8. Love this! Especially how many times you were interrupted while typing your post. Our son will be 3 in two months and we know all too well how much he likes to interrupt. Have a good weekend!

  9. wait, what? people are actually saying Kate doesn't look good? Are they kidding? I haven't heard that, honestly I haven't been looking, but I think she looks incredible. I'm shocked anyone would ever say otherwise!! Personally, I would be looking a hot sweaty mess for at LEAST 72 hours afterwards. I think, at least.

  10. I absolutely LOVE Kate's little post-partum belly showing and I think she looks glowing and beautiful. I hope she has enough self-esteem/sense/support to ignore the negative comments and I hope she loves these photos of herself.

  11. I saw things posted when she was 6 days pp but 1 day! that is disgusting.

  12. I completely agree about the remarks about Kate's belly. The audacity! She looked absolutely gorgeous. Natural-looking hair, natural-looking makeup, and I gave her mad props for coming out in front of the world when that baby is only one day old. When I left the hospital, I looked six months pregnant still and my legs and feet had been replaced with Shrek's...insanely swollen and huge. I could barely walk, stand or sit. Kate was wearing wedges and handling those stairs like a champ...impressive!

  13. Just found your blog and love it! The bedding is beautiful and here's hoping I can find some for just as cheap and just as chic looking.

  14. I don't know why anyone would say anything bad about Kate post baby, the woman looks better with a "just had a baby bump" than most people on a good day.

  15. Gosh darn it the last picture of Carter hugging you got me again! I saw Gavin has arrived. Have you gone to see him yet?!

  16. Oh, and for someone who hid her belly so well during her whole pregnancy I was surprised to see Kate embrace it post partum. But yeah can you imagine?! I was in a hospital gown for days and no make up or hair done or contacts. It was not pretty!


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