Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We're Off To The The Big Easy But Need YOUR Help! #mynola

Let's play a little game, shall we? A word association game, if you will. I'm going to throw out a word, two words, actually, and I need you to say what immediately comes to mind. Ready?

New Orleans

So, what did you say? Did you say, "Mardi Gras?" "The French Quarter?" "Hurricanes?" "Beaded necklaces?" If you mentioned any of the above, welcome to my brain. 

I'm not going to lie. When I think of New Orleans, I immediately think of Mardi Gras. The French Quarter. Of Hurricanes and beaded necklaces. I think nothing that screams "family vacation." 

Which is kind of funny considering I'm in the throes of planning our next family vacation there. We leave in two weeks. And that is why, dear readers, I need your help! 

By now you  know I rarely do anything without conducting thorough research and planning a family vacation is no different. After all, it's not just me and my husband that I have to worry about but meals, activities and adventures that are suitable for two little boys, 3 and under, in a city that I've only read about in books and seen on television.

I know The Big Easy isn't just for big people and I'm determined to explore and experience everything that this incredible city, rich in history and in culture, has to offer, starting with eating Maclane's weight in beignets at Cafe Du Monde. I'm not even kidding.

Currently, I'm utilizing two fantastic resources to plan our trip itinerary, Follow Your Nola and the New Orleans Mom Blog. Each of these websites is chock full of information related to everything New Orleans. From where to stay, where to eat and what activities to plan, these resources have been priceless! 

With a little less than two weeks until our departure, I'm up to my ears planning! To help me bookmark places I want to be sure to visit, I've created a Pinterest board. Be sure to take a look at it and if you're familiar, let me know what I'm missing! 

Places and spaces that are on our must-see list? 

If you happen to be on Twitter, I would love for you to tweet me any New Orleans must-see, must-eat, must-do's @LvdMoreThnCrrts. Be sure to include the hashtag #mynola and you'll be entered to win one of these amazing prize packs made up of awesome gifts such as Amex gift cards, sunglasses, travel totes, mugs, instant film for your brand new Polaroid camera and more! 

We are so excited about our upcoming family vacation to Nola! Both The Husband and I have a shared passion for travel which has taken a bit of a backseat to raising our boys these past few years but we both agree that it's a passion we hope to cultivate in them and what better way than to start traveling with them while they're young? Packing and planning may be a bit of a headache now but I know the stress will all be worth it when we arrive! 

I almost forgot, I've heard the Streetcars are also a must-do and a great way to get around the city. My husband is especially excited to take a riverboat tour! Have you ever been to New Orleans? I know I've got some readers who are from the area, so don't be shy! I'm asking for your help! Help me plan our next family vacation! 

Don't forget, tweet me or post to my Facebook wall any suggestions for our vacation destination and use the hashtag #mynola to be entered to win an awesome prize pack! From what I've heard it's going to be a hot one! I'll be tweeting, planning and updating our itinerary over the coming week and will be sure to share it with you as we get closer to departing for The Big Easy!

This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and truly my own. I did not receive financial compensation for these opinions. I did, however, receive an all-expense paid family vacation to New Orleans. 


  1. Swamp tour for sure! It is very fun and you'll see alligators! I love New Orleans. So much fun. I can't believe you are getting a paid family vacation from blogging. You rock. Have the best time!

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning NOMB! You know where to find me with any and all questions. If I make three food recommendations for you while you are here: Le Foret with the hubs (leave the kids at home) for a divine meal, Cafe Amelie (also sans kids) for the best courtyard in the Quarter (if nothing else, peek in while strolling on Royal) and EAT for brunch (kid friendly). You won't regret any of those! Email me if you need me!

  3. Yay!!! So excited that your coming to our city and honored that you mention the New Orleans Moms Blog as a resource! I hope you love it!

  4. What what! All expense paid trip to NOLA? Lucky lady! Have a blast!

  5. You mentioned everything I was going to say take the kids to. Definitely eat at Acme Oyster House and Commander's Palace. Get the frozen coffee at Cafe Du Monde, I am making a stop by there Thursday just to get that before we head to our anniversary reservations at Emeril's. The French Market is nice, and you can smell Bourbon St. the closer you get to it...sorta like dead people and urine lol. Check out City Park, they have a free statue garden and the Botanical Gardens are really pretty. You can also paddle boat while you're there. On Wednesday's during the summer the museum at City Park is free, at least it was last summer. Be sure you get dessert at Sucre at least once, and then wander around that area some...there is a lot of fun to be had outside of the Quarter.

  6. oh ive heard such great things about the zoo! i want to go to NOLA so bad someday! can not wait to see your pics and updates :) have a beautiful time!

  7. You need to at least spend an afternoon at the New Orleans City PArk, it's gorgeous. They also have rides there for the kids and you can take a train around the park. Another place to go is the New Orleans Museum of Arts. Have fun!

  8. I love that aquarium! You are gonna have SO much fun!

  9. I wish I could help you, but I've only been to NOLA for Mardi Gras and I can hardly remember a thing (ahem). But, I thought I would point out that you forgot to mention "boobies" during the word association game... which might not seem child-appropriate, but I bet Mac would disagree :) Have a great trip, I'm sure it will be wonderful!!

  10. Have fun! This is so cool. I was going to say "go on a riverboat" but saw you have that on your list. Have a blast, can't wait to see pictures!!!

  11. I have been going my entire life to NOLA, and the not to be missed things are the streetcar (buy a multi-day pass - it works on the bus as well), city park - there is a wonderful sculpture garden there, and the things you've already listed plus the French Market & Cafe Dumonde. We generally go each year...

  12. Mmmmm I went to NOLA for spring break my junior year of college. Let's just say the only thing I can tell you is the military men are delicious. I know, no help. LOL.

  13. for the love of all things holy PLEASE go to Sucre on Magazine street! best sugar high you can find and I think the kiddos may like it too :) http://www.shopsucre.com/


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