Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Toddler Is A Movie-Streaming Whiz.

Like clockwork, I hear the sound of the toddler's bedroom door open. A minute passes before it slams shut, a sound that is nothing but brain-jarring at six-thirty in the morning. 

In a sleepy daze I vow to punch whomever is slamming doors at this ungodly hour but as the fog of sleep lifts from around me, I can hear the toddler standing outside my bedroom door yelling, "Mom? Mom? You there? I nee halp! Sheepie? Come halp me!"

I clumsily extend an arm from the warm tangle of sleep and pillows and reach for the iPad that sits on my nightstand. Pulling it from it's charging post, I slide out of bed with it and stumble into the hallway where the toddler is standing bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on the other side of the baby gate that promises no late night adventures around the house. 

I hand over the iPad as he quickly runs back into room, jumping into bed with a hearty, "Danks, Mom! Now I watch a movie!" With tiny tech-savvy fingers I watch as he navigated the tablet, a swipe here, a swipe there. Within seconds the screen illuminated with red as the Netflix app came to life. 

I have now bought myself at least another forty-five minutes of uninterrupted slumber as familiar voices begin to flood the toddler's bedroom. 

Want to know what the toddler was watching and how Netflix has a portal in place that allows parents to rest easy, assured their tiny fingers won't wander into inappropriate media selections? Click the picture below!

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  1. It's amazing how quick kids catch on to technology now a days.

  2. SO funny..I LOVE the fact that he says Halp...Is there a little hillbilly in that boy??

  3. So true!! Has C seen the "juicebox rap" video yet? Its pretty funny and fenn requests to watch it over and over ( its on you tube)

  4. Ok, I am blown away by this! It's amazing how quickly kids can learn.

  5. The first time I saw my friend's toddler expertly navigate an iPad screen better than I ever could, I was astounded. It really says something awesome about the way those little brains process information!

  6. Dude, that's awesome. I hope Kennedy learns to do that this summer so I can sleep in! LOL

  7. This is completely unrelated, but are you potty training yet? What are your thoughts on that? :)

  8. I love that he check with Sheepie to see if he could help maybe? And I love that he calls him Sheepie!!


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