Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mackie Walks! The Incredibly Amateur Video.

Let's face it. New Jersey is better than Maryland for many reasons and it's not just because my parents live there (but it is) or because of the awesome bagels and pizza (but it is). It's awesome because it's also where Maclane took his first steps and a few days after that, started running. For real.

Now, please excuse my incredibly amateur video editing skills. You see, this is not my forte and not only am I on a laptop in New Jersey that I don't normally use but I'm converting video files and splicing things and using shady software and really making a fool of myself when it comes to editing movies.

Forgive me, okay? One day I'll get the hang of this and register whatever ridiculous video converting software I downloaded from god knows where (sorry husband) so that there isn't that annoying watermark. 

In the mean time? Here's a video of Maclane's latest and greatest accomplishment. On May 9th, nine days before his 11 month birthday, he took his very first steps. Within days he was up and cruising like a pro. Carter started walking on his 11 month birthday and I will never forget the day I saw him toddle down the hallway in our kitchen. Big boy status, achieved. 

Way to go, MacAttack! We're so proud of you. I, on the other hand, need a stiff drink. Two bipedal kids is no f'ing joke and Maclane is at the exact head-height of every single object of death in our home. It's time to put the ER on speed dial or buy the kid a helmet. 

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