Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hi, My Name Is AP and I Love Walmart.

Most people cringe when they hear the word "Walmart." I, however, tend to get a little excited. I didn't always feel this way, so hear me out.

We kind of live in the sticks. In fact, most people, when told that we live at the end of Route XYZ, express a small level of shock as they quickly reply, "Gosh! I didn't even know you could take the road that far."  Well, it's true. You can and if you did, you would find our house, tucked quaintly among acres of farmland, behind one of those old-fashioned Main Streets you see in movies and magazines. 

Although I give Maryland a lot of flack, it's really kind of nice. 

That said, it's really kind of rural and with rural comes lack of easily accessible retail stores. Now we do have a couple of national grocery chains and one mid-size clothing department store but we don't have a mall. Or a Target. Driving to either of those places requires a 25+ minute car ride and as they saying goes, "ain't nobody got time for that." Especially when it involves toting two disgruntled kidlets in tow.

But we do have a Walmart. It's not one of those fancy super Walmart stores, just a plain ol' regular Walmart but it's still awesome. I never ever thought I would mutter those words but it's true. I love going to Walmart. In fact, each of my boys' first outings after coming home from the hospital was to Walmart for some fresh air and last minute baby necessities. Maybe that's why their immune systems are so awesome?

You want to know why I love Walmart so much and why I was there buying some baking essentials this weekend? Believe me, it's for a recipe you won't want to miss! Click here to read more!
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  1. The only reason I love Walmart..they always have the food products I want...and at better prices than the grocery.

  2. There are a lot of places where they only have Wal-Mart. A good number of the pieces are better as well as you have a pretty good chance to find an item that you are looking for. One thing they do change the set up of both of the locations that I live close to ( I actually live in a neighborhood, and two supers, which are about the same distance from each other in different directions).

  3. When I went to Florida as a little girl of 11, the first shop we went to was Walmart. I was amazed at the size of it and the fact you could buy ANYTHING! In the UK at that time we didnt have any store comparable to it. For this reason I will always have a soft spot for Walmart :-)

  4. Ha! I'm a regular at Walmart. We have two grocery stores, Walmart and JC Penny where I live so I don't really have a choice. Target, Costco and the malls are all anywhere from 100-150 miles away. When I moved to the city for college I'd still go to Walmart out of habit and had friends who laughed at me, but honestly, it's not that bad. If you don't have anywhere else you have to make the best of it.

  5. I so do too. we go there just to "walk around" and let P wear off some energy. I guess it's a good thing Target isn't closer bc I'd be broke.

  6. I live in the land of every store and restaurant you could possibly imagine, but I do go to Super WalMart once a month to stock up on some grocery items and supplies. It's definitely cheaper than anywhere else, and for this family of (almost) 6 (holy crap!), that's a necessity.
    I can't imagine not having a Target nearby, though! There's one 5 minutes away and it drains my bank account!


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