Friday, March 15, 2013

What I'm Wearing To Blissdom

I am a chronic over-packer. 

As I age and become both older and wiser, I try to remind myself that less is more. Last year I had no idea what to wear to the sessions and events that Blissdom put on. It was my first time attending a blogging conference of any sort and I certainly didn't want to be under-dressed and being over-dressed wouldn't do either. Therefore, my solution was to pack anything, everything and then some. Big mistake and totally unnecessary.

Looking back, I didn't need nor wear half of the clothes I brought. This year, being both older and wiser and with a blogging conference under my belt to boot, I'll be packing much more efficiently this year. 

Intimidated as to where to begin? My advice is to start with the events of the conference. For example, Blissdom can easily be broken down into 4 distinct parts: 

1. Kick-off Reception
2. Track sessions/Networking Opportunities (2 Days worth)
3. Girl's Night Out
4. Girl's Night In

Once you've researched what your weekend will consist of, it's much easier to pack appropriate outfits. When it comes to selecting specific items of clothing to pack, my top 3 pieces of advice are this:

1. Comfortable, comfortable comfortable.
2. Layer, layer, layer.
3. Comfortable, comfortable, comfortable.

No matter what you pack, make sure it's comfortable. This rings true for clothing choices as well as shoes. There is a lot of walking that takes place and when I say "a lot," I mean "think of the most walking you've done in four days and multiply it by two. I sorely underestimated the amount of walking both to and from your hotel room to sessions and other events and back to your hotel room again. Pack a pair of comfortable heels, if you insist, but save them for Girl's Night Out. Your feet will thank me. 

As for your clothing choices? Wear what you feel most comfortable in. Not only are you walking a ton but you're also sitting in sessions for extended periods of time. In between all of that, you'll be photographed with friends and networking with major brands. Don't wear anything in which you'll constantly be sucking it in and definitely don't wear anything that you don't want amplified all over Twitter and Instagram. It is a blogging conference, after all!

The sessions are casual but keep in mind that they are also inside a large hotel ballroom in Dallas in late March. You could be freezing one second and hotter than the Sahara the next. That's where layering comes in. Stash a versatile cardigan in your bag and you'll be just fine.

Interested as to what will I be wearing in Dallas next week? Take a look... This will also make it easier to find me and say "hello!"

Let's start with the kick-off reception. It's the quintessential moment to make your first impression on people who read your blog as well as people whose blogs you read. You might act like a fool but you certainly don't want to dress like one. 

When it comes to dressing for two day's worth of sessions and networking, remember, it's all about comfort and layers. Comfortable flats and stretchy denim is a perfect combination. Doesn't it just scream "my blog is a perfect fit for your brand?"

I'll be breaking my no-heels rule for Blissdom's Girl's Night Out ensemble. This adorable Aztec print dress that I'll be wearing from my personal conference wardrobe sponsor, Ella Madison boutique, just screamed for a cute pair of leather wedges. It also screams for a spray tan so that my Casper-white legs don't blind people. 

As for the ultra-casual Girl's Night In? I'll be sporting a regular go-to outfit of mine which consists of leggings and flats. I'll also be wearing Ella Madison to this event but this time in the form of the world's most comfortable Mocha Long Sleeve top (which happens to be on sale right now for only $29!) and a super cute Cheetah Print Scarf.

Want to see more from Ella Madison? Just head over to my friend Jen's blog, Life In The Green House, where she'll be showing you just a few of her favorite pieces from there.

Last but not least, I'll be throwing in this outfit as a wild card option. You never know when you'll need an extra change of clothes! 

There is something to be said for photographing your outfits prior to a blogging conference. Now when I get there, all I'll have to do is reference this post and I'll know exactly what clothes to piece together for the events! 

Ella Madison boutique, who graciously sent me some fantastic pieces to wear while at Blissdom next week is offering ILYMTC readers 10% off all orders placed today through Friday the 22nd. That's a whole entire WEEK to save 10% on every order placed on the website! 


  1. Can you come style me AP?
    Love all your choices. I agree, comfort is key at conferences. If not you'll be miserable and nobody wants that.

  2. so so so jealous! I wish I was going. Also jealous of your non-pregnancy clothes.

  3. Um, so I just ordered the royal blue aztec dress and a pair of earrings to wallet does not thank you, but my closet does! :) Where did you get that cute button up from the bottom pic?

  4. Love these outfits! Always so polished and put together! I'm way envious! Y'all have fun! Wish I could be there too!

  5. I love what you have packed for Blissdom! I am an overpacker too, I blame it on my indecisiveness for outfits, cause I never know what mood I will be in. We are going to Hawaii in June and hubs has decreed that I can only use a carry on .... he must be drunk on mai tais already

  6. You are such a fashionista!!

    Where did you get your wild card shirt? And also the other shirt that looks orange and maybe gray?

  7. Yep. Now I can spot you from anywhere. Look out for me, I will be the crazy person squealing from excitement when I see you! ;-) cute outfits by the way...please come pack for me now, kthanks.

  8. Great outfit choices...I'm gonna have to step up my game now. ;) Can't wait to see you friend!

  9. I seriously hope you have such an amazing time at Blissdom and you will definitely win the award for best dressed if there is one love!!! I'll be stalking this blog here for great advice a la AP :)


  10. Love all the looks you put together!! My fave was the casual look for your 'Girl's night in'
    Have fun!!

  11. Love all the looks! My favorite was your casual "Girl's night in"
    Have fun!

  12. I love those outfits! So many options if you needed to mix and match too.

  13. LOVE all these looks!!! I ordered that dress to wear to a shower!! Where did you get that shirt you paired up with the mint skinnys? Hope you have a great time! Youre going to look awesome!

  14. LOVE it all! I have been meticulously planning, as well. I packed a casual-ish J. Crew dress for the kick off but now I'm rethinking it, maybe it will be too dressy? I think I am way more dressed up for girl's night out (peplum, sparkly heels, blinged out, lol), and for girl's night in I thought it was a PJ party so I was going to get some cute PJ's! Am I okay with all that??? Good call on the wildcard outfit. I need to do that.

    I am so like you, though. I have to plan each and every outfit (I've even got all the accessories laid out) or I will bring too much and it'll overwhelm me when I get there!

  15. Cute! I am an overpacker as well. Normally it doesn't matter too much because I'm usually driving not flying. When I flew for a work trip in Boston I was determined to not check any luggage and I did it. Hoping I can do the same thing for San Antonio next month. At least it will be spring clothes instead of winter clothes!

  16. You always look so stylish! I wish I were going..I'd love to meet you! Maybe next year. Great outfits--have fun!

  17. Great post! Those are all SO cute!

  18. I'm definitely an over packer, too! I'd rather have too many options than not enough. New follower here, stopping by from :)

  19. Can you pack and take me with you please :)

  20. I'm not going to look nearly as cute as you! I need a personal shopper. Can't wait to meet you though!

  21. LOVE the want to come pack for me!?


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