Sunday, March 3, 2013

What I Wore, Instagram Style.

If there is one thing I am not it is a fashion blogger. I am much more comfortable behind the camera than I am in front of it and truth be told, I hardly get dressed "up" these days. Most days if you were to surprise-knock on my door I would answer it with hair pulled back in a side bun wearing black yoga pants, a nursing tank, an open cardigan and my house slippers. 

I'm comfortable in these clothes and spend most of my day chasing the toddler or laying on the floor playing trucks, trains, puzzles, etc. OK, fine. Add a ball cap and I'll admit it. I even run errands in these clothes, too.  

Therefore, on the rare occasion that I do get dressed in something other than my comfies, I, like so many other moms, feel the need to document it on Instagram. It's kind of like saying, "this day is a win for no other reason than I actually put on real clothes this morning." 

For this week's Dog Days {of Winter} Are Over project challenge, we challenged you to put together a post all around the subject of "Wear It!" You'll find that some of us turned to Pinterest for our outfit inspiration and others decided to tackle their closet and shop around with items they maybe forget they had. 

Me? Well, here's what I've worn over the last couple months Instagram-style:

1. Sam Edelman flats circa 2007, JCrew Minnie Pant, Chevron "Everly" top via a boutique
2. Tory Burch Revas, JCrew Matchstick Pant in Flame, JCrew Navy Lace Cotton Top
3. Burlap TOMS, Kohl's Black skinny jean or Joes Jean denim (Is it bad I can't even tell from that picture?), JCrew Buffalo Check Shirt, Orange scarf via Hazel & Olive

1. UGG Boots, Old Navy Yoga Pants, Target Nursing Tank, Target Open Cardigan
2. Tory Burch Revas, Old Navy Rockstar Skinnies, JCrew Chambray Tunic
3. TOMS, Citizens of Humanity Bootleg Jeans, JCrew Orange Buffalo Check Shirt 

1. Tory Burch Eddie flats, JCrew Matchstick Skinnies, Target Skinny Belt, GAP Mint top, Kelly Moore Bag
2. Tory Burch Eddie flats, JCrew Toothpick ankle pant, JCrew Stripe top circa 2009
3. Tory Burch Eddie flats, Target Denim Skinny jean, JCrew Buffalo Check Shirt

As you can see, I wasn't kidding about my daily uniform of yoga pants, a tank top and open cardigan. Also, I'm all about hopping on the colored skinny jean bandwagon this year. Those mint skinny jeans that I snagged at Target a couple of weeks ago get more use than any other pair of pants in my closet right now. The perfect color for Spring with the perfect amount of stretch. 

As for shoes, it's pretty obvious that I typically vacillate between the same few pairs of TOMS and flats. The Eddie flats that you see in all three of those bottom pictures I snagged for a steal when Hautelook and Tory Burch partnered for a flash sale. They are so insanely comfortable, more so than my Revas which I will never buy another pair of again due to their major lack of comfort, my lack of a full-time job and their slightly nauseating price tag. And call me whatever you will but I love me some TOMS. I know you're either on the TOMS bandwagon or so far off of it but those suckers are my perfect shoe for chasing around a toddler all day! 

Be sure to come back here to link up your "Wear It" challenge posts and see what everyone is styling this Spring season! When you link up with one blog, your post will  be seen on all nine! 

What are some of your favorite go-to pieces in your closet?


  1. Love your outfits!!! We have a similar style. I'll try and get my act together and link-up (let's see if my closet/clean clothes options are cooperating). : ) I am working on my students' report cards, so this could be just the diversion I'm looking for. : )

    I am also liking the angles you chose. I'll have to do the same. No worries about styled hair/goofy smiles, etc. : )

  2. Umm, hello ~ may I please come over and steal everything in your inspiring closet! :)

  3. Super cute outfits! I can really relate to your style and appreciate comfort over what's "in".

  4. Super cute outfits! I can really relate to your style and appreciate comfy over what's "in" now.

  5. I love your shoes. Do you tend to wear a lot of skinny jeans and flat? I am on the search for a good pair of skinny jeans but now that it's getting warmer out I might ditch that idea and move on to capris. haha.

  6. I'm not even a mom and you definitely dress better than I do. Oops! I wear one of four pairs of black pants and a cardigan most days.

  7. I am drooling over all your cute flats!

  8. I love the last three outfits you posted with the skinny jeans and the flats. The JCrew blue ones are cute! pippa
    (found you on the Wear it Challenge Linky Party)

  9. you look so great! I wnt those mint skinny jeans....and you know, not to be pregnant while wearing them.


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