Monday, January 9, 2012

Cravings, Curlers and Beautiful January Weekends.

I spent much of the weekend giving into cravings. Which, if we're being honest, is how I've spent most of this pregnancy so far. Although, I'm thankful for the recent shift in cravings from the high fructose corn syrup laden kind to the more... natural, healthy kind. 

1. Drinking water sucks. It's for the birds. I hate drinking water to start with and since it's like the number 1 mandate while pregnant, I hate it even more. So, what's my solution? Throw a few teabags in there and a heap of sugar. Okay, so maybe they're not all that healthy cravings.

2. BaNilla yogurt with fresh raspberries and vanilla toasted almond pro-biotic granola may be my new favorite snack. I won't even tell you how many times I ate this over the weekend.

3. I still can't let go of a nice cup of whipped cream with a little bit of hot cocoa. At least I laid off the giant marshmallows, no?

4. Cinnamon Cheerios with sliced banana. Go try some. It will make your morning.

I'm not sure who to thank for this glorious weather we've been having but if I could kiss them on the mouth, you darn well know I would. This gorgeous January weekend lent itself to a myriad of outdoor activities and fresh air. Hallelujah.

5. Carter and I took a couple of trips to the park- you see, in our neighborhood just a little over a block away is a brand new tot-lot. Complete with swings and slides and bridges and lots of other nap-inducing toddler activities. 

6. Naps. Need I say more?

7. Okay, so I still have some pretty intense candy cravings. These often hit in the form of an overwhelming desire for something chewy and fruity and preferably sour around 10pm. 

8. Sheeps got a bath this weekend. Here he is proclaiming his disdain for all things bath and haircuts while standing on top of the ottoman. Bad dog, Sheepie.

I love a good excuse to bust out the hot rollers. Mostly because I haven't quite mastered the curl-down on the right side of my head. So when Family Dinner was planned for Sunday evening, I figured "what the heck?" And so this is what happens when Mama gets 15 minutes to herself. 

9. For those who've been dying to know, the curlers are from Walmart, Conair brand and I'm pretty sure they only cost $25. Two different barrel sizes and they heat up within minutes. Love. 

Finally, I've been taking part in the "Instagram App" #JanPhotoADay series. This morning's prompt was "routine" and I couldn't have through of a better way to depict a typical morning here in the M house. 

Wake-up. Grumble. Brush teeth. Change a diaper. Siphon caffeine. 

Go ahead and look me up on Instagram at "LvdMoreThnCrrts." Follow along- I'd love to sneak a peek into your January days. 

Monday morning always comes way too soon. Happy Monday, Loyals!


  1. I really need to find a set of hot rollers like that, I only have hot rods that are thinner and give me the tight curl look


  2. I want Skittles. Can you please deliver me some Skittles in a convenient sweater pocket? Minus the tissues and lint that I remember from my youth with my grandma and mints/M&Ms.

  3. Such a cute post! I have been loving my hot rollers as well. Mine are the Conair Xtreme hair setter from Ulta and there's a five dollor rebate online! Enjoy your probiotics!


  4. Guhh, I still cannot get the hot roller-thing down! It takes me forever, I feel like I have too much hair. The curls always look so beautiful on others and I tend to end up looking like Shirley Temple--and the rods aren't too thin! Sounds like you had a great weekend and your locks look great! ;)

  5. Looks like a lovely weekend for sure! Glad the weather is allowing for time outdoors. That's a life saver at our house too!

  6. That's the look I sport EVERY DAY, because otherwise my hair frizzes. It's so much faster than the flat iron and lets you toddler-wrangle while your hair pretty much does itself!

    Thanks for showing me a million pictures of shit I can't eat on my cleanse ;)

  7. This weather has been wonderful for January. I'm in Mi and we are having lovely weather day after day. It is nice to get out with the little ones without all that gear.

  8. All my curling irons are Conair and I love them. Haven't got on the roller wagon yet, but my stylist was telling me to do it to save time in the morning, which is a great idea!

    Love the pictures!

  9. Carter's curls are adorable! And. Yours didn't turn out too shabby either. :)

  10. You are totally a make pregnant look good!! And Sheepie all tamed and fresh...gah i love him!!

  11. I am sitting with the skittles right now as I read this. I am awful about drinking water. I was probably better at drinking it before pregnancy. I am almost always in sweats with my hair pulled back, so lots of credit for using the rollers.

  12. So funny! I remember those cravings:) I'm a new follower and really enjoy your blog! Monday mornings look the same around our home...I even use the same creamer!

  13. you have single handedly convinced me that i NEED hot rollers in my life. like yesterday.

  14. I love cinnamon cheerios with bananners!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and my craving for sweets has been straight ridiculous!

  15. I want to try hot rollers but I have naturally curly hair but maybe for when I straighten it...I don't know.

  16. love #janphotoaday. what software did you use to get words on your pictures?!

  17. Seriously heart your hair. And Sheepie!

  18. Love it! Your hair looked amazing the other night. I used to have hot rollers ... never had much success with them.

  19. Love the hot roller look on you! Mine always fall out. Oh and candy cravings...I've got those too. Pretty sure I downed a bag of Sour Patch Kids AND Gummy Bears this weekend and I don't have an excuse. Oops!

  20. I love your hair with the hot rollers! Sorry I have been a bad commenter... I have been a bad reader too! Hooray that you're preggers again!

  21. How sad am I that I had no idea how "social" instagram is! ha I didn't know you could see other people's feeds and commenT!


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