Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Hubs, the Baker?

Hubs is an exceptional cook. Not only is he creative in the kitchen, but he loves to cook. So much, in fact, that he does it all. The dinners, the breakfasts, the thrown-together-lunches. I could stand in front of the fridge and stare zombie-like into a vast array of random food items, and Hubs glances over, grabs a few things and immediately puts together the best lunch we've had in ages. He's amazing.

I love to bake. I have an insatiable sweet tooth and it clearly spills over into my love of baking sweet things. Cakes, pies, cookies and especially cupcakes. I like to pretend I'm Martha Stewart or my other favorite flour goddess, Paula Deen and buy expensive recipe books and cake molds and cupcake carriers.

I do not cook. Hubs does not bake. We were made for each other.

That is, until Hubs had this insatiable craving for his mother's homemade Chocolate Snowflake cookies. Granted, these cookies are to die for. They are gooey and sweet and when they are enjoyed straight out of the oven, the warmth just melts your insides. They. Are. Amazing.

And a bit labor intensive. See, you have to make the dough ahead of time and let it sit before you begin to mold your cookie balls.

And so began Hubs' cookie-baking journey. He followed the recipe to a "T." All the while, I laid my little lazy self on the couch and practically drowned myself in drool as I watched Carrie Underwood's Holiday Special. Seriously? Those legs? I would give my right arm to have her legs. Okay, and maybe her hair too. But, I digress.

There's Hubs slaving away in the kitchen. Mixing bowls a' clanging. Flour and sugar all over Sheepie's nose.

And finally? The first cookie. Hubs runs it into the family room, still a bit steaming, so proud of his handiwork. "Here! Try it! You get to have the first one!"

I bite into it. It smells so delicious and chocolate-y. It's so warm and gooey. But it's a little... burning?

Me: Hubs, why does this cookie taste a little burning?

Hubs: [taking a bite] Weird. I don't know! I swear I followed the recipe!

Me: It's a little bitter-like.

Hubs: Um, honey. That container you had.. in the cabinet? That's confectioner's sugar right?

Me: [attempting to stifle the laughter] Aw, honey. That's baking soda!

Hubs: Oh, great. Because I just rolled half a dozen cookies in baking soda. Baking is for WOMEN!

Please note, however, after removing the baking soda culprit from the cabinet, the following two dozen cookies that Hubs made? Were perfection.


  1. HA! Well if we're admitting baking catastrophes...I made cornbread last night and forgot to add the eggs. It happens to the best of us :)

  2. Oh no!!! I think he gets an A for effort at least!

  3. My husband is neither a cook nor a baker. Case in point: Monday night he HAD to make red potatoes with some seasoning he made me get from the store. I came home and he was preparing potatoes and he was as giddy as a school girl. My next question, "What are you going to make with the potatoes?" Him: "I don't know. It looks like all we have are chicken nuggets or grilled cheese."

    So delicious potatoes and grilled cheese it was!

  4. oh no!! haha, i'm glad you solved the problem though and saved the cookies!! and yeah, her legs are to die for!

  5. haha, that is hysterical. you are so lucky your husband cooks! my bf is only good at taking me out to expensive restaurants because he can't cook but he likes a good meal!

    and i'm with you on carrie underwood's hair. so jealous.

  6. haha, how cute! I won't even mention the story of how salt was used instead of sugar in a homemade chocolate pie....this is why EVERY SINGLE CONTAINER is now labeled in my kitchen lest someone else decides to cook in my kitchen. (oh and fyi, if you put salt in the chocolate filling, put it in the pie crust, serve it, realize that there was salt used instead of sugar, scrape out the filling but attempt to save the crust and put a new nonsalted filling in the original crust-it won't work, the salt gets absorbed into the crust-I would like to clarify that I did not make this grevious error, I was merely on the receiving end!!!!) Also, I love to see your chocolate snowflakes recipe, I have one from my grandmother and I'd love to see how they compare! We always use the recipe to make chocolate, strawberry, lemon and vanilla snowflakes.

  7. so cute!! he definitely gets points for attempting and I have mixed up salt and sugar before so everyone does it.

  8. Were the same way--I can bake and he can cook (not that he does it often)....he adds funky spices to everything he bakes thinking it will be "interesting"

  9. Baking is not one of Jared's fortes either.. he is more of a griller, hahah leave the baking to me... xxxooo

  10. I guess you will have to be the one to keep baking! At least he's making an effort!

  11. That is such a funny story! Thank you for sharing!

  12. This is cracking me up because my husband is the cook and I am the baker! Love it!!!

  13. Hilarious! This would so happen at my house ;)

  14. aww! i love that story! he tried sooo hard!

  15. Love the story.... My hubs it the chef & I am the baker as well... once he tried to make peanut butter cookies but forgot the flour! It was like a crispy pan full of peanut butter they wouldn't bake and rise they would only crisp.. ha ha!

  16. Oh that is hilarious!!! Once you take away the baking soda- they sound delicious!!


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