Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Anonymous David Yurman.

Something tells me that a particular comment on my previous post,
from a Mr. Anonymous, comes from somebody who just might live
in the same household has me.
Hmm. I wonder who it could be?
Er, Hubs!

Mr. Anonymous so kindly pointed out that I should not forget
about the darling Christmas present I was gifted with this year-
and of course, I kindly informed him that I could never forget
a little David Yurman
Or the generosity of my darling Husband.
So Hubs, this post is for you.

You can go ahead and buy any TV you want,
as long as it comes with a little David for moi.



  1. ahhh, that's GORGEOUS!!!!! good job to your hubs!

  2. lskdfjsdlf

    Sorry, I'm still wiping the drool off my keyboard!

  3. That is a beautiful ring! Love it!

  4. Hmm...yeah, let him get that TV. ;)

  5. BEAUTIFUL!! I love love DY. I got myself a confetti ring for my birthday this year and I love it.

  6. LOL!!! What a brat :o) Love the ring though !!

  7. Gorgeous!! I have a similar one and I love to wear it!!

  8. Oh my gosh... I love that ring! :) So fabulous!

  9. That is one gorgeous ring!! Lucky girl.

  10. thats a beauitful rock!!!!!!!!
    way to go hubs

  11. Absolutely beautiful, girlie! I love me some Yurman, and I actually have a pretty similar ring myself! :) I'd say that Yurman for a TV is a pretty fair trade after all... ;)

  12. ah, you got it, yay!! sooo pretty!

  13. That's gorgeous! Your hubby did good!

  14. omg! i looove loove it! its soo gorgeous!!

  15. ahhh, so gorgeous!!! this is EXACTLY the ring I'm wanting! I have a citrine DY, but I'm dying for this one! LOVE it!

  16. love it! I had a david yurman on my "wish list" but since hubs and I didn't do much this year of course I did not get it. He saw the post i did IF we were exchanging gifts though! :)


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