Monday, November 28, 2016

Toys to Buy for your Science-Loving Child: A Geeky Gift Guide

The older my first born gets, the more of myself I see in him. Always curious as to how things began, how they work, move and grow, he's very much interested in the mechanics of things and errs toward a love of science more than anything else. As a loud and proud science nerd myself, I'm so excited to encourage this love and show him how cool science can be. 

It's no secret that for Christmas we're paring down on toys as gifts this year-  after packing up our entire house and realizing how inundated we were with all things T-O-Y, it's nothing but educational learning stuff and experiences for the boys this year. (Okay, I'm not entirely horrible- they will each receive one of the toys they included on their Christmas wishlist). 

If you have a science-loving child on your list to buy for, I've rounded up some of the best and most amazing science-minded toys on the market today! I'll be honest, it's going to take a lot for me to not buy my Carter every single thing on this list! (Diggin' Up Dinosaurs, Moon in my Room and Snap Circuits have already been ordered and the Grow & Glow Terrarium is in my cart!) The best part? Everything on this list is under $25! 

1. Kidnoculars / 2. Science Lab Kit / 3. Diggin' Up Dinosaurs

4. Grow & Glow Terrarium / 5. Volcano Set / 6. Snap Circuits
7. Meet Einstein Book / 8. Moon in My Room

1. We go through kid binocular sets like they're going out of style. We've left one behind at a nature center, I accidentally drove over a pair in our driveway and one of our most recent pairs met an unlucky demise at the hands of younger brother. This is one toy that my boys, at various ages, will pick up and play with at least once a day. We take them with us on neighborhood walks, on nature hikes and even road trips.

2. I'm pretty sure in order to be a certified mad scientist, you're going to need your very own lab kit. For the affordable price point, this is one of the best sets I've come across! All that's missing? Your child's very first microscope

3. Ever since our family trip to the Smithsonian last year, my older two boys have been obsessed with any and all things dinosaur bones. Not only will your child be able to chisel away and excavate the bones from the earth but they'll also be able to put together the fossils as they build their very own T-rex!

4. I was torn between getting my oldest a build-your-own weather center and this Grow & Glow terrarium. After reading countless reviews on both, this seemed like the more age-appropriate gift for his 6 years of age. Since he loves planting things and watching them grow, I love that this is something he could do right inside his bedroom during the cold winter months!

5. Because who doesn't want to make their very own volcano erupt? I feel like every parent should get to do this with their kids at least once. It just seems like a rite of passage.

6. I was first introduced to these in my son's STEM lab at school. He really loves the intricacies of how things work and I love that these Snap Circuits will allow him to build his own electronics such as a working radio and doorbell!

7. This is a great introductory book for children to learn all about how science is all around them. Not only is it wonderfully illustrated but it helps them begin to form connections between their environment and science!
8. Last but not least, the Moon in my Room is a great addition to any child's bedroom. My oldest has always had a fascintion with the moon and how it "follows" him around wherever he goes at night. He'll be thrilled to have his very own moon hanging on the wall in his bedroom and I love that it doubles as a nightlight!

Do you have a pint-sized science-lover in your home? What are some of their favorite science-centered toys and games?

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  1. So need to get my kiddo those binoculars. SO cute!

  2. What a great round up!! My youngest is science obsessed, too. I ordered her a kid-friendly microscope yesterday. ;)

  3. My older boy loves to do "experiments" with almost anything he can find in our kitchen. His favorite science toys are his bug catching kits and a science kit we bought for him last year at Target. So fun! Thank you for all the great ideas!

  4. I hope Leyton loves this kinda stuff when he's older!

  5. Love this list! Miller is only three but I can see him heading toward all things science as he gets older so I'm going to book mark this one


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