Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Gift Guide: What To Buy For The Toddler Boy (Ages 2-4)

A Real Dustbuster \ Plasma Car and Helmet \ Sprout Channel Tablet

Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk \ T-Ball Set \ Thomas the Tank Engine Ride-on Coaster

Table and Chair Set \ Superhero Dress Up Set

1. Laugh if you must but there will absolutely be a real dustbuster beneath the tree for our 2yo this year. Honestly? I should probably wrap a second one for my 4yo as it's been a beloved toy when we visit both my parents and our friends who have one- the best part? It actually works and costs about the same (if not less) than a "working" toy vacuum. 

2. This isn't the first time I raved about our plasma cars. Four years running, these are the MOST-PLAYED with toy in our entire house. All three of my boys have one and they spend hours racing them up and down our sidewalk. Don't forget your helmet!

3. My older boys already have Kindles and while they're great and perfectly age-appropriate for 6.5 and 4.5, I love that the Sprout Channel tablet comes pre-loaded with over 40 of your  toddler's favorite Sprout TV shows. There's games, crafts, coloring pages and more! The price point and rubber casing sweeten its appeal.

4. I love the idea of a little art station tucked away in the corner of a playroom. For years I've allowed the boys to use their kid-sized table and chairs set for arts & crafts and truth be told, they've ruined it with paint, markers and stickers. This is a great alternative to creating a safe space for little artists.

5. Another one of my 2.5yo's favorites- the T-ball set! Sure, we've probably been watching too much of The Sandlot but he loves playing baseball and running the bases in the backyard with his brothers!

6. This is a total splurge-worthy gift but at least it doesn't come with a million small pieces, am I right? I've wanted to get the boys one of these ride on roller coasters for years and after both our 2 and 4 year old spent the majority of a recent playdate playing with it? We'll be surprising the boys with one of these next month. If nothing else, it will undoubtedly break up some of the hum-drum winter doldrums in our house!

7. Speaking of a kid-sized table and chairs set, this is one of my favorites and will be set up in Collins' bedroom of our new house- giving him his own little space to sit down, read a book and play with his toys (free from the disturbance of older brothers).

8. All three of the boys received these as birthday party favors and our littlest asks to wear his "supah-hero dress" every day. Any dress-up costume would do but my boys love this set in particular. 

What's on your toddler and/or pre-schooler's list this year?
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  1. I mean, the dust buster????... YES OMG YES!! My 2.5 year old is all about the dust buster! I've put him to work many, many times. Great round up!

  2. Who doesn't love transforming into a superhero? :) A cape and mask is always a hit! We have the t-ball set and love it. Great gift guide!


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