Sunday, May 22, 2016

"Thanks For Helping Me Grow" - End of Year Teacher Gift Ideas

Even though we still have two more weeks of school here in Maryland, I wanted to take advantage of yet another rainy weekend to cross off end of the year Teacher Gifts from my ever-growing To-Do list. We all know how completely chaotic the final few weeks of school can be (especially when twenty 5 year-old's are involved) which is why I'll be sending Carter and Maclane into school tomorrow with each of their gifts.

While there are approximately 672,954 ideas out there as to what to give the special teachers in your child's life as the school year wraps up, we decided to really put our mark on ours with unique, personalized hand print flower pots. While there's so much talk out there about what teachers really want, I really think that this is a sweet idea and one that isn't necessarily chotchke-enough that will be thrown away or take up too much space in a teacher's home. I mean, who doesn't love potted flowers?

For those wondering, the supplies for all four of these flower pot gifts cost me less than $25. We'll also be sending in a special note with illustrated pictures of Carter and Maclane's favorite memory from their school year as additional thanks. 

(But Maclane wasn't in school? Who's he giving his flower pot to? Well, Nosy McNoserson, while Maclane didn't attend school this year, he did attend a wonderful program every month put on by a very special teacher-administrator friend of ours and he will be giving his potted flower to her). 

No matter what you do for your teachers and teachers' aides at the end of the year, they'll appreciate whatever thought went into the doing so above all, have fun with it!

Below you'll find the image for the tag I created in PicMonkey to adorn the flower pots. It was so ridiculously easy to make and if you're interested in printing one off for yourself, I suggest printing several "wallet size" images on a single sheet of card stock. (That's what I did!) Right click the image, save it to your computer and print from there! 

Finally, here's one more article with some really great gift ideas for those really special teachers in your childrens' lives. Hang in there parents and teacher friends, we've almost made it! 

Supplies Used:

- Terra Cotta flower pots (Walmart)
- Potting Soil (Local Garden Center)
- Plants of your choosing (I used Vinca and Hydrangea)
- Acrylic Paint
- Paint Marker (to write child's name, class and year on bottom of pot)
- Painter's Touch Matte Sealing Spray
- Kitchen String & Printable Tag

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