Monday, May 23, 2016

Coffee Confessions (Spoiler Alert: I'm a Mess Without My Morning Cuppa!)

I wasn't always a coffee drinker. Hard to believe considering my now two-a-day habit, right? While I'd like to blame my caffeine addiction entirely on my children, the truth is it's probably a combination of getting older (cringe) and being in charge of raising tiny humans. 

To the people who don't drink coffee- how do you even LIVE? 

I tried giving up coffee. In fact during two rounds of Whole30 I couldn't stomach the stuff black and therefore mostly went without for the duration of the "eat clean experience." Let's just say there's a reason I haven't done another round of Whole30 since 2014. Any existence where the fine marriage of coffee, french vanilla almond milk creamer and a sprinkle of Stevia is frowned upon is no existence worth living in my book. 

The last time I skipped my morning cup of Joe do you want to know what happened? I sent my child to school fully dressed, hair expertly coiffed for picture day. The only problem? IT WASN'T PICTURE DAY, which, at public school wouldn't raise too many eyebrows. He, however, attends a private school and would've look extremely out of place NOT WEARING HIS SCHOOL UNIFORM. 

I was just minutes away from drop-off when I made the realization and thankfully we had enough time to spare to jet back home, change and make our way back to school again before the morning bell. 

That's one of the reasons my morning cup of coffee is so important. While it's not so much about what's in the cup, it's the five minutes I take to myself while sitting down to drink it that really matters. It's during those five minutes that I psych myself up to take on the day. That I read over my To-Do list, double checking the calendar and plan out what errands I'll tackle that day and what errands will have to wait until tomorrow. 

Without that morning cup of coffee, I'm literally turned on my head. 

I have a feeling I'm not alone on this one- that there are plenty of you out there who need their morning caffeine too. Share your #CoffeeConfessions on Twitter with Thermos and be entered to win some really great prizes! 

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