Monday, May 9, 2016

Remember When Laundry Used To Be Fun?

I'm sharing a sponsored #TideThat Motherhood Moment on behalf of Tide and Socialstars.  

Once upon a time I actually had time to wash clothes on more than one setting. I had time to carefully sift through my hamper, cautiously separating lights from darks, intimates from casuals and wash those items with the care and attention they deserved. Once upon a time I actually enjoyed doing laundry. I may have even found it to be a little bit... cathartic.

But then I had kids. 

And not just one kid but three kids in what feels like just as many years- and just like that, my days of enjoyable laundry-sorting were OVER. Delicates from active-wear, hot wash from cold? It all became the same to me; a tumultuous task of never-ending laundry that began to assault and overwhelm. Nowadays, I'm lucky if our clothes get washed and dried on a single cycle, the current average being one wash and four dry cycles. Whether they get folded and/or put away is a whole other story. The end game, however, is always the same: somebody needs something to wear tomorrow and it needs to be clean (and mostly dry).   

Most days it's seems as if I'm raising three sultans of soil! Three kings of calamity! My boys go from zero to PigPen in no time flat. Two years into being a mother of three and I am continually amazed by the amount of laundry three small bodies can create in just one week's time and it's not just quantity but quality as well! Go big or go home, is their mess-making motto. 

Socks are scattered throughout my entryway, pants seem to have a mind of their own! but once it's all been collected, it doesn't matter if it's underwear or outerwear, delicate or not. All of the boys' dirty laundry goes in on the same pre-soak, cold wash cycle and thanks to TIDE PODS®, comes out looking fresher and cleaner than ever before.

No matter what the day throws our way, be it paint from a spontaneous post-breakfast art session, mud from an afternoon hike in the neighborhood park or red sauce from everyone's favorite spaghetti night, I can count on TIDE PODS® to handle whatever mess comes our way and oh boy, (times three!) do we have our fair share of messes made!

I especially love that just two TIDE PODS® will get a large load of laundry unbelievably clean. Take it from someone who prides herself on her ability to push the limits of just how much laundry the wash drum can hold- all I have to do is toss two TIDE PODS® into the drum before I add our clothes and I never have to think twice about what muck and grime may be left behind. Since TIDE PODS® dissolve in either warm or cold water, I don't have to worry about altering my trusty Cold/Cold, Delicates setting. 

TIDE PODS® are a convenient and easy way to get one of the dirtiest, less enjoyable jobs of motherhood done. Without having to spend additional time measuring sticky liquids and messy powdered detergents, I'm able to spend less time in the laundry room and more time making memories (and messes) with my boys. 

Thanks to TIDE PODS® for taking just a little bit of the dirty work out of raising kids. Now our smiles aren't the brightest accessory we own but our clothes shine, too!

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