Wednesday, April 2, 2014

36 And A Half Weeks And As Whiny As They Come. But Also... BUNNIES!

I really don't like these kinds of posts. The ones with bullets and brain dumps and a whole bunch of unrelated word vomit. That said, that's about all I'm capable of lately. It's not that I don't want to write here, it's that by the time I find a free minute to sit down and gather my thoughts, the words don't flow. The words don't flow and I'm exhausted and thinking of the other 472 things I should be doing instead of sitting. 

But sitting feels so good. 

I'm 36 and a half weeks pregnant and feeling about 57 weeks pregnant. I'm convinced my pelvic floor up and left me and that my hips will become disjointed from my body at any given moment. Due to the shape of my pelvis, my babies will never settle correctly and always manage to make themselves comfortable lying transverse with their heads nestled into the socket of my right hip. 

That does not feel so good.

What else is remarkable about this 36th week? Let's see. My clothes don't fit, I have trouble picking out which black yoga pants to wear each day, I'm up nearly every hour at night to pee and once 4am rolls around, pregnancy insomnia has me up for the day. 

It's really all quite lovely and for the love, could I be any whinier? I'm really sorry. I'd want me to shut up, too. I just want this baby here already!

These third babies are a funny thing. Hospital bags haven't been packed, car seats haven't been installed and lord knows this baby doesn't even have his own nursery yet, let alone a fully redecorated one. As much as I would love to do all of those things, at the end of the day, I'm all shruggy shoulders and "meh, it'll get done eventually." 

With my first (and even my second) babies, I'm fairly certain I had our entire Before Baby To-Do list accomplished with weeks to spare. This time around I have diapers, boobs, a closet full of sweet-smelling layette clothes and I figure I'm good to go. 

Let's just get this party started already, alright?

Being that this is my last pregnancy, I really want to try and capture some at-home maternity shots with the boys. Nothing fancy by any means- just me, the belly, the boys and my camera remote. I want to be able to remember this time because we know that all too soon mom-nesia will set in and this will all become a distant memory.  I never had any maternity shots done with my previous pregnancies and although I don't regret it, I know I will this time around. 

That said, I have to admit that I'm a bit excited that this is my last pregnancy. The last time I will gain upwards of 40 pounds and have to lose it again. The last time I will watch my boobs, butt and belly expand at a rapid pace. The last time I will have to wear pants with elastic waistbands. Okay, I'll admit, I'm a little sad about that last part. But after working so hard to get my body back after baby number two, I cannot wait to do the same this time around and keep that body. For the rest of my life.

I think the boys are excited about their new brother. I know Carter is. He keeps saying that he "can't wait to hold baby Cowwins and love him and play trains with him." Maclane is really none the wiser and I expected that. After all, he's just one month younger than Carter was when he was born and Carter really had no idea what was happening back then either. Maclane does keep lifting my shirt to expose my belly saying, "Baby done yet, Mom? Baby done?" It's really quite cute. I know it's going to be much less cute once Collins arrives and Maclane is asking us to send him back to the hospital.

I still haven't moved the boys in together. Their new bedroom is a work in progress and I can't decide whether or not I want to tackle Operation Big Boy Bed this close to welcoming number three. The walls have a fresh coat of paint on them and brand new bed linens have been procured but I'm still missing wall decor, curtains, a lamp base as well as an accent table to sit between their two beds. As it is, Maclane still sleeps in our bed for a few hours each night and that in itself is starting to give me anxiety. Not because I necessarily want to move him but because  I just have no idea how this will all go down once we bring Three home from the hospital. 

I guess you can say my plate is pretty full, but in a good way.  

One thing I do have a handle on, however, is Easter baskets! Even though Easter is going to look a little different in our house this year (read: much more low key since I'll be admitted to the hospital the following Monday) I wanted to make sure the boys' baskets were full of new goodies to keep them occupied while I'm away in the hospital for four days. 

Now, before you go all, "Hello, this isn't Christmas" on me, relax. The boys' baskets will be filled with a couple of new books for bedtime stories, puzzles and Legos to keep their little hands busy, new rain boots because they don't own any, hooded beach towels for the beach house, knit Zubels dolls and, of course, their favorite monogrammed Jellycat bunnies from Peekawhoo which continue to be staple favorite lovies and bedtime buddies in our house. 

Speaking of the bunnies, Peekawhoo is offering all ILYMTC readers 10% off their order of Jellycat bunnies with code "CARROTS14." You can head on over to their site here and order yours in time for Easter! 

My friends at Peekawhoo were kind enough to send both Carter and Maclane their beloved bunnies for Easter last year and they surprised us this year with another bunny for sweet Collins which you can see on my Instagram feed. I'm not kidding when I say that these bunnies are the softest, most plush stuffed animals the boys own and it's no wonder why they've quickly become their number one favorites! 

Hopefully by next week I will be back with some more substantial thoughts and feelings. I swear they're in my brain somewhere. In the mean time, go buy some bunnies and think of me when you're bending down to tie your shoes. A simple act that has me grunting like a big, fat milking cow. How's that for a mental image? 

Happy Hump Day, friends!

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  1. I can't believe you're 36 weeks pregnant already!! Why is it that everyone else's pregnancies always seem to go by so much faster than my own?? Maybe because I'm always so miserable that time just sloooows down. lol. And I know what you mean about getting that body back....I'm working my butt off this time around and it feels awesome!!!

  2. You're looking good! I'm kind of jealous of the elastic waistbands.

  3. Whine away! I'm almost 35 weeks and was just thinking yesterday that I felt pretty grumpy. Hope it doesn't stick around for the next month! Ah! :)

    Love those bunnies,too- so dang cute.

  4. I feel this way with baby 2...i've started nothing...and Easter? When's easter?! lol

  5. Have you ever thrown these bunnies in the wash? Just wondering how they hold up because Samantha's Gund bunny isn't soft anymore! :(

  6. Have you ever thrown these bunnies in the wash? Just wondering how they hold up because Samantha's Gund bunny isn't soft anymore! :(

  7. Have you ever thrown these bunnies in the wash? Just wondering how they hold up because Samantha's Gund bunny isn't soft anymore! :(

  8. Why get rid of elastic wasitbands?! You're looking fab, AP! I'm 33 weeks with #2 and the nursery/guest room is done, minus picture frames hung. I at least pulled the car seat out of storage and washed the cover. Made sure it was still safe to use. We just had our family pictures taken this past weekend. I loved doing maternity shots the first time around, but didn't do newborn's because of stinky 'ole PPD. I completely regretted it, so it's in the books (pending due date) to do them this time around. I can't wait to get shots of my two girls :) Pregnancy can suck, can't it?! geeze louise! I'm just a few short weeks behind you, but still super uncomfortable, nonetheless. The heartburn and indigestion is horrendous! I'm thinking, "was it like this the first time around?" I don't remember. And, "how am I suppose to do this for 7 more weeks?!" ...with a three year-old clinging to my leg. I feel ya about worrying about a toddler in your bed. While my daughter doesn't fall asleep in our bed, her bedtime routine can grow to be quite long (like 2 hours), most nights, and has lately included a lot of kicking and hitting. I admit I'm a little freaked out about how it's going to go down when there's an infant in the house, and my husband isn't home from work yet! yipes!! Let's wish each other lots of luck! ;)

  9. I love how excited your boys are to meet their little brother! And it's funny how different you feel about preparing for baby to arrive this time around. I'm almost 39 weeks with my first and sometimes have to laugh at how much time I've spent preparing! But I know it'll be easier next time when I know what to expect.
    I can't wait to see your little one!!

    xo kristen genevieve

  10. you look so cute, but I totally understand that feel like you are going to drop a baby on the floor at the grocery at any given moment. Pelvic floors are no thing when you are carrying your third child. And for your hips? I used this belt (it looks similar to one of those ugly pregnancy support belts, and has an actual name, but I can't remember, so this is obviously only semi-helpful) after I had my 3rd, that you use from the time you give birth until 6 weeks post partum, basically while your body is still producing relaxin. It helps push your hips back together. It actually felt really good to wear it, and really did help my body go back to it's normal shape SO much faster than with my other two. Just a thought....

  11. I totally understand the never-ending pregnancy feeling! I am pregnant with my second...and I have a 10.5 month old. Basically there has been about a 4-5 month span since August of 2012 that I have not been pregnant. Totally with ya on the whole which pair of black yoga pants do I wear today thing. And I don't think it's whining to be over it, but maybe that's just what I'm telling myself hahaha

  12. I totally can relate to the never-ending pregnancy feeling! I am pregnant with my second...and I have a 10.5 month old. So basically, I've had about a 4-5 month span of not being pregnant since August of 2012. Yeah. I am so with you on the whole which pair of black yoga pants do I wear today thing. And I don't think it's whining to just be over it already. At least, that's what I tell myself hahaha


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