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Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas For Baby, Mom and Family.

You've just been invited to a "baby sprinkle." Now what? Do you even know what a "baby sprinkle" is? 

This kind of event was absolutely foreign to me up until the birth of my second son when my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law threw a very small, very casual get together at a local spa to celebrate both baby and me just weeks before he was born. It was such a wonderful celebration, filled with love, laughter, pedicures and massages, just what I needed as I counted down the final weeks to Newborn-dom. 

The celebration of the births of additional siblings, also known as "sprinkles" is a new trend that is swiftly gaining popularity among those who share the belief that every baby should be celebrated no matter if it's the mother's second, third or even fifth baby. Think of it as a "watered down" baby shower of sorts, hence the term "sprinkle." 

Some of these events may take the form of a "casual brunch" or backyard barbecue where guests are encouraged to arrive with diapers in tow. These events are far less formal than the initial baby shower and are often much smaller with a guest list that serves perhaps ten to twelve rather than twenty to thirty. Regardless of the shape the event takes, the primary focus is to gather as friends and family to celebrate Mom (and Dad!) and the impending new arrival.

These sorts of soirees are not without controversy, however. There are many people out there who share the belief that baby sprinkles are taboo and they don't appreciate the pressure placed on them of having to purchase perhaps another gift for the expecting parents. I want to reiterate that these celebrations shouldn't (and do not typically) revolve around gifts the way that a baby shower would. 

However if you're like me, you would hate to show up empty handed and love any excuse to shop for a baby.

I recently received an invitation to the baby sprinkle of a good friend of mine from the neighborhood. She is due with her second baby, a little girl, at the end of March and this party is basically the coming together of her closest girlfriends to shower her with love, laughter and, let's face it, plenty of diapers, as she prepares her heart and her home to once again bring home baby. 

Had I not been a mother myself, I probably would have struggled a bit with what to gift her with. After all, by the time the second (or third, or fourth) baby rolls around, most parents already have the most practical baby items in their arsenal, provided there isn't an enormous time lapse in between pregnancies. 

That said, no  matter what number baby this is, a mother could always use diapers, wipes, swaddle blankets and burp cloths. It's those kinds of practical gifts that will always be a welcome present.

But one of the best parts about a "sprinkle," I think, is that you don't necessarily need to focus on the practical but rather, you can shift your focus to the more unique, more personal and more fun gifts ideas for both mom and baby. If mom happens to know the gender of the baby and has openly shared it, that's kind of like a bonus, allowing you to then gift her with extra adorable gender-specific items. 

Here are just a few gift ideas should you ever find yourself the recipient of an invitation to a baby sprinkle: 

1. aden + anais swaddle blankets - it wasn't until after the birth of my second that I started using these incredible swaddle blankets. In fact, I now recommend this blanket as the number one (and only) swaddling blanket that all new moms should register for. Not only are they very generous in size but they are made from muslin, a very breathable and lightweight fabric, making it very safe and comfortable to use on baby. What's more is that these blankets soften with each wash making them even more loveable down the road. When I'm not using these blankets as swaddles, they double as great car seat drapes, nursing covers, photography props and tummy time blankets! You can never have enough, I promise! 
2. diapers  - this gift goes without saying. A mother can always use diapers (and wipes!) no matter what number baby she's having. These diapers belong to a bundle that can be found over at The Honest Co. and they're just one of those ridiculously cute gifts that goes above and beyond the norm. How could you not love a little bum diapers with anchors? I would suggest buying size 1 or even size 2, as many babies don't wear or grow out of newborn and size 1 diapers fairly quickly. 

3. knit dolls - as soon as I laid eyes on these new Zubels knit dolls found over at Peekawhoo, I knew I had to order one for baby number 3 and two more for his older brothers. With so many different personalities to choose from, there is one for every little baby and they are some of the softest and sweetest little dolls around. These make a great gift not only for baby but also for older siblings!

4. layette clothing - like these Zutano gowns. If you happen to know the baby's gender, gender-specific clothes are always a sweet gift idea and can range from a newborn sleeping gown to one-piece rompers and two-piece kimono wrap sets. It's no secret how many outfit changes newborns often go through and even if baby has a closet full of perfectly sweet hand-me-downs, it's always nice to have something fresh and new to dress them in.  

5. burp cloths - like these from aden + anais. This is another one of those "practical" gifts that never gets old. Burp cloths are one of those items that gets washed very frequently and as a mom, you can't ever seem to have enough of them. These Burpy Bib cloths are made from the same lightweight, breathable muslin fabric and are not only soft against baby's gentle skin but highly durable and absorbent with their four-layer construction and unique design. Let's just say that work well at providing maximum coverage when you need it most!

6. baby moccasins - like this pair from Freshly Picked. This is one of those gifts that is completely and totally fun and frivolous and downright stinking adorable. You may recognize this brand from a recent episode of Shark Tank. I've loved watching Susan's business grow and I cannot wait to splurge a little on our very first pair for baby number three. There isn't much of anything cuter than a baby in moccasins.

The gift ideas for mom aren't nearly as cute nor as fun but let me tell you, she will love them so much she may even kiss you on the mouth. 

1. home cleaning service - know a girlfriend or two that would want to "go in" on a gift for mom? The gift of a one-time cleaning service would make her day. It's no secret that keeping up with housekeeping while raising children is tough. That's not to be said it can't be done but who wouldn't love an extra hand (or six) around the house? 

2. your time - if you have some extra, offer to swing by and watch the kids while mom takes a nap or runs an important errand. while you're there, maybe throw in a load of laundry or empty the dishwasher. Many times, mom doesn't feel comfortable asking for help when it comes to these things which makes it even sweeter and more appreciated if it's done without her asking. 

3. a gift card for a manicure or pedicure - it's no secret that it's going to be a long time before Mom has any time to paint her nails. Give her a gift card to a local nail salon but don't feel responsible for her falling asleep mid-pampering.

4. a gift card for new clothes - if there is anything that changes after having a baby, it's a mother's body. We've all been there, us mothers, in that awkward place post baby where nothing fits and we want to slump to the floor of our closets and cry. Do you know where mom loves to shop? Pick her up a gift card for a new top or two. She will appreciate it more than you know.  

Rather than shower the new baby with gifts, why not provide the family as a unit with something they can appreciate together? Here are few gift ideas for the family who is expecting another baby: 

1. meals - when you're in the throes of Newborn-dom, a hot meal is always appreciated, especially when it's one that doesn't require preparation other than heating up the oven. If you're not much of a cook, try looking up a local meal delivery service or contact the family's local church to see if they have a meal chain set up for after delivery. 

2. a credit for family pictures - you know what they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words" and although mom may not be up for family pictures right away, a credit with a local family photographer would be an excellent gift to give! 

3. zoo passes or tickets to nearby museum - this is a great idea, not only for the family unit as a whole, but especially for older siblings who may be in need of a little extra one-on-one attention during this time of transition. 

Heading to a baby sprinkle in the near future? I hope this list of Baby Sprinkle gift ideas has given you plenty of inspiration! 

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  1. I totally agree with the swaddle blankets. I got several as gifts with my second, and use them for just about everything BUT swaddles, ha!

  2. This is great. My friends and sisters asked me if I'm having another shower (& that they want to throw one for me) but I struggle with feeling guilty about being selfish. We're having another girl and I've kept basically so I feel weird registering for more. But I've realized that people WANT to "sprinkle" you again, and every baby is special and should be celebrated, too!

  3. Those swaddle blankets are my new go to gift! I love them!

  4. The swaddle blankets are the best. I just had my first child in August and had gotten six of them as a gift. I wouldn't have purchased them for myself but I use them every single day!

  5. Love the idea for a gift card for new clothes! I'm throwing a baby sprinkle for a friend and love the gift ideas!

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