Tuesday, October 22, 2013

That Perfect Three And A Half Minute Morning Moment.

Mornings around here are often a blur. As much as I would love to linger in bed just a little bit longer after the first sounds of stirring, within minutes those quiet, sleepy stirs quickly turn into rambunctious screams and shouts and before I know it my feet have hit the cold floor running.

If I'm really lucky, the smell of freshly brewing coffee is enough to keep me moving in the morning, despite feeling more than half asleep and desperately wanting to crawl back beneath the warm covers. That sweet aromatic nectar of the gods is just the motivation I need to get me through the notorious battles of What To Wear and What's For Breakfast that I know are waiting to greet me once I leave the safe confines of the bedroom. 

I didn't love coffee until I became a mom and that's saying a lot considering I was a nurse in my former life, one who worked all hours of the day, morning, evening and night. Despite my late love for coffee, I don't just drink any old blend of bean that comes my way. I prefer a strong bold blend, one that's made from 100% Arabica beans, like the coffee beans of Georgia Coffee {clickable link}. What's even better is that Georgia Coffee {clickable link} is available in three distinct roasts, Light, Dark and Decaf, making there a blend for everyone to fall in love with.

Before I can even think about reaching for my favorite mug in the cabinet, I've already put out two small familial fires and managed to narrowly escape an unexpected mid-morning ER visit by the skin of my teeth. For what it's worth, all socks should have those little non-slip grippies on them. Always. 

Want to hear more about my Perfect Three And A Half Minute Morning Moment and the recipe for my favorite Overnite Oats recipe? Click the picture below!

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  1. Completely agree about the non-skid socks. My little guy has enormous feet, and we seem to be sizing out of the grippies, which is super inconvenient in our house, which is 75% hardwood floors!

  2. Um, totally agree about the non-skid socks. Rhys had his first bloody nose and a huge knot on his forehead from slipping on his socks and knocking his head into the wood floors. Ouch!!


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