Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm A Dirty Little.. Vacuum-Lover.

As if two little boys under the age of four and a 110-pound Olde English Sheepdog weren't enough of an excuse to vacuum on the daily, I suddenly now have this beautiful, albeit amazing upright vacuum cleaner at my disposal and I can't get enough of it. 

This is going to sound ridiculous, but vacuuming has always been my most favorite "chore" to do around the house and ever since I've started using my Miele, I can't. stop. vacuuming. I even vacuumed the stairs three times this month and I'm pretty sure they didn't need it again, let alone a third time, after the first go-round.

But my Miele makes it so easy and it's so pretty to look at. The bright, bold yellow and undercarriage LED lights rock my socks off. Even my husband said it reminds him of a Lamborghini sports car!

Not only is my Miele easy to operate but with it's myriad of handy attachments, it easily allows me to clean just about every surface in my house with just this one machine. From the hardwood floors to the many area rugs throughout our home to the nooks and crannies, baseboard molding and even our upholstered furniture and curtains, this vacuum does it all. 

Want to know why my vacuum is better than yours and I'm a certified Dirty Little Vacuum Lover? Head on over to the ILYMTC Review Blog to find out! {Clickable link}

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  1. vacuuming is my favorite chore too! followed by dishes and laundry. but those i am just more OCD about ;) that vacuum has some pretty cool lights!

  2. For bagless vacuum cleaners, you will need to clean the dirt container with soap and water.

  3. There are a ton of retailers of machines who offer apparatuses on the web. Almost these retailers even have stores situated in a considerable amount of

  4. This type is perfect in eliminating dirt from your car, small spills on the kitchen, and other hard to get spots in between your sofas. shark vacuum cleaners


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