Wednesday, April 24, 2013

You Had Me At "Sexy, Loose Bun."

Several months ago and on a whim, I walked into a hair salon in my hometown in New Jersey, the same hair salon that I've been going to religiously for more than ten years, and begged my stylist to chop my hair off. 

She was hesitant as she pleaded with me to keep the length that I had worked so hard to maintain over the last few years but having recently had our second baby, I couldn't stand another minute of handfuls of hair falling out in the shower. I told her she had to cut it off and cut it off she did, making me more than seven and a half inches lighter.

I loved my sleek angled bob for a day or two but once I was left to my own devices, it never quite looked as good as it did the day I chopped it off. Does it ever? 

Since that day, I've been in a hair rut. Most mornings I shower quickly while the boys are busy playing and while it's still wet, throw my hair up into a messy bun on the top of my head. Since my hair is just past my shoulders, it involves a little extra help from a handful of bobby pins. If I'm feeling extra sassy, I'll make a quick side part and pull it into a messy low side bun. 

I never wanted to be that girl who wore her hair in the same boring style day in and day out. In the same pony tail, the same bun, the same side braid. And lo and behold, look who I've become. 

Until I stumbled upon this simple, fantastic tutorial from How To Create A Sexy, Loose Bun Hairstyle and began incorporating it into my drab hair routine. 

I already had the tools (a few bobby pins, an elastic, curling iron optional) and in the short amount of time it took to watch the video, I was able to work my own twist on the simple yet chic style and change up my every day boring bun. 

All that twisting and pinning may look difficult but it's actually much easier than I anticipated. Of course I felt a little "prom-y" at first but after loosening the hair at the crown of my head it started looking less "prom" and more "relaxed mom of two who's actually trying this morning." And it literally took less than five minutes. Total win. 

Are you like me and find yourself in a hair rut lately? What's your go-to hairstyle?

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