Monday, April 29, 2013

Adventures in Diapering as a #HuggiesTester...

When it comes to raising babies, there are few things more labor intensive than diaper changes. I think back fondly to my very first parenting class in the hospital before the birth of my first son and I laugh at the task they set before us: to diaper a stationary baby doll. 

Sure those first few months the baby does indeed lay before you nice and still, a willing subject to the numerous diaper changes throughout the day and night but somewhere around the sixth or seventh month, those days of stationary baby diaper changes are long gone. 

In fact, that's the kind of test that hospitals should place before new parents. Someone should be wiggling that baby doll all around, tossing and turning him, replicating even the craziest of alligator death rolls as they try and attempt the diaper change. 

Throw in a surprise pee squirt or pudding-like poop and that's what I call a test!

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