Friday, April 19, 2013

Mac Allen :: Month Ten! Yowzers!

Dear Mac Attack, 

Some days it feels like just yesterday I was kissing your brother on the forehead as he slept soundly, his last morning as our only child, before I hopped into the car to head to the hospital, just hours away from welcoming you into the world. Other days it feels like a lifetime that you've been apart of our family and I have to laugh at myself for ever worrying how we would ever transition to being a family of four. 

You have fulfilled each of us in ways no words could possibly describe and our family feels more complete now than ever before. I cannot believe it has been ten months since that early Monday morning. 

We left off at the end of your ninth month with my first trip away from you. Everyone survived my absence and for the most part you exceeded my expectations across the board but let's just say that three nights away from you was plenty enough for a long time. And by a long time, I mean at least until you are weaned. 

You welcomed me home with hesitation but it wasn't long before you were laying your head on my shoulder and stroking my cheek with your small chubby hand. It didn't lake long for me to notice your first two, brand new pearly whites that had taken up residence inside that angelic little mouth of yours, something that all three of the adults left in your charge had overlooked. It did explain, however, the previous night's lack of sleep and constant fussy behavior. It's evident now that you will not escape the throes of teething  hell unscathed like your brother. That boy could cut teeth and we would all be none the wiser. It breaks my heart to see you so uncomfortable but between Tylenol, Ibuprofen and frozen rags, it looks like we may have found some reprieve.

You are constantly on the move this month, Maclane! When you're not crawling across the floor at lightening speed or up on your knees half hopping-half-crawling, you're standing up and cruising along anything that will hold your weight, Sheepie included. You have even begun to bridge yourself between the kitchen table and cabinets and from the couch to the end table. If I had to guess, you'll be walking before your first birthday. You've mastered climbing the stairs and under careful eye and close watch, you can climb all 14 of them. Both 
sets, ahem. 

You're wearing a size 4 day diaper and size 5 overnight. Your Spring/Summer wardrobe consists of 18 month and 18-24 month sized clothes and I'd venture to say you're wearing a size 4.5-5 shoe. You fit in your brother's first pair of Sperrys but absolutely detest wearing them. I guess I can't blame you considering it would be the first pair of hard-soled shoes I've ever tried making you wear. Shoot, did you throw a fit when I tried to make you wear them early this month! 

Last month I was almost certain you were getting ready to give up your second nap of the day but thankfully that was a short-lived phase. After waking for the day between seven and eight in the morning, you typically go down for your first nap of the day around 11am and will sleep anywhere from 1-3 hours. Now that the weather has turned a corner and it looks like Spring is here to stay, we spend much of the afternoon hours outside playing which means you go down for another nap typically around five for anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour.

Speaking of sleeping, you start off bedtime at 8pm sleeping soundly in your crib with nothing but your nightlight and Sleep Sheep keeping you company. After your first wake-up around 1am,  I've taken to whisking you into bed with us where I'll feed you and you'll sleep until you wake again around five. Another nursing session and you're back to sleep until between seven and eight in the morning. It's usually around the time that your brother stands in the hallway and starts screaming, "MOM! HELP ME! MAC? HELP ME!"

We spend our days reading stories, laughing, singing songs and playing. Your brother absolutely adores you, as he always has, and he loves tickling you and playing the "I'm Gonna Getchyou" game. I've even caught the two of you wrestling/tackling each other and as much as I want to blame your brother for inciting wrestlemania, sometimes it's you who is to blame! You love crawling over to him, grasping his shoulders (and hair) and pulling yourself up to slobber all over his face. 

There hasn't been a food you've tried that you haven't liked and you will eat anything that's placed in front of you as long as it's not pureed. That being said, you will abandon it all for a chance at the milk bar. You still absolutely love to nurse and continue to do so every 4-5 hours throughout the day and those two-three times overnight. 

You're saying "Mamama" and "Dadadada" and "Bababababa" but I don't quite think you're associating those words with your Daddy and I just yet. You will, however, plant a big, slobbery, fantastic open-mouthed kiss on our mouths the minute we ask you for one. Those kisses are often accompanied by a loud "Mmmmm" from you as well! 

You are cruising, clapping, waving, "dancing" and one of my absolute favorite baby tricks, showing us that you are "so-o-o-o big!" when prompted. You love your rain stick toy, Sophie the Giraffe, your stacking rubber blocks, your LeapFrog Leaptop and these little lights and sirens police and ambulance cars that belong to your brother. I swear it doesn't take you long to emulate his actions. You love so much to zoom any type of car along the ground while making the "phhlubbbb" motor noise with your lips.

You love going for walks in your stroller or the wagon, sitting on a blanket in the backyard while your brother blows bubbles and emptying the large basket of toys in the family room. You make your presence known wherever you go and you're truly the happiest baby on the block. 

Nicknames: MacAttack, Smackers, Mac-a-doodle, Mackie

We love you so much, Smackers! What a month it has been. Onward to one! Let the party planning commence...

We love you more than carrots! 
Mommy, Daddy and Carter-ito!
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