Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why Pack When You Can Drink Espresso?

As much as I love the thought of moving to a new house (especially the newness of everything - new furniture, new decor, new organization) I loathe it. Actually, scratch that. I just loathe packing. Box after box after box. I hate it, hate it, hate it.

(While tediously packing the um-teen wine glasses that we own)

Me: The next time we have to do this, I'm going to hire someone.

Hubs: Honey, movers only MOVE things for you. They don't pack up your belongings.

Me: Well, they should. In that case, I'm going to find a PACKER.

See? I hate it. However, I have to say I'm thankful for the following revelations brought about by the aforementioned packing.

1. Nobody needs 12 champagne glasses. (Hubs and I, well, I'll take the blame for this one, registered for 12 of everything for our wedding.) TWELVE. Really unneccesary. In fact, I might invite 12 people over JUST to drink some champagne. You in?

Sidebar: Actually, I might invite 12 people over to drink Shingleback Sparkling Shiraz. It was amazing and paired especially well with the pizza we ordered last night. Go out and buy some, PRONTO.

2. Nobody needs 192 bottles of moistuizer. Despite what they promise to clear, smooth, define, etc. they are all uneccesary. In fact, I might as well open a bootlegg CVS in the master bathroom. I've got it all. (Minus that crazy random aisle that displays things such as a deep fryer right alongside a pair of Dora the Explorer pajamas, one shelf above the Potato Mitt Peeler and the Hot Dog and Bun Toaster combo.)

And finally,

3. I forgot how much I love espresso. Let me re-phrase. I forgot how much I love espresso doctored up to taste like candy. While in the midst of packing, knee-deep in home depot boxes and bubble wrap, my husband un-earths the Krups Espresso Machine that our very dear friend, Megs, gave us for our wedding. Don't get me wrong, we were all about this machine when we first got it- and then as the novelty of freshly brewed espressos and steamed lattes wore off and our apartment complex put in a Starbucks Coffee Machine in the Leasing Office, our espresso machine was moved to the far corners of the cabinetry. Upon his discovery, Hubs insisted we take an espresso break. Ahh. It was so yummy. Especially with Coffeemate Cinnabun creamer. (I know, I ruined it in all of it's Italian Espresso glory.) Apologies.

Well, my 26th break from packing has come to end. Hubs is summoning me to starting breaking down the linen closet. I'll let you know why it's very unneccesary to own 6 sets of sheets in almost the same shade of brown in the next post (but they're all different thread count! there's a set for winter.. and a set for summer.. and a set for...)

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  1. I am totally a fan of the frequent breaks to maintain your sanity~ good luck with the move. I'm of course jealous of the new furniture and house of your very own. Does it come with a nice backyard for Sullivan? Did you use a realtor? Any suggestions for the home search...Paul and I are about to embark.


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