Friday, December 19, 2008

Bah-Humbug. There, I Said It.

I'm that girl who usually has her Christmas tree up as soon as it's socially acceptable. That means it's usually up a weekend or two after Thanksgiving. As the tree goes up so does the countless decorations around the house. The stockings, the candles, the dishtowels, the wreaths, the figurines, etc. We're talking a page right out of Williams & Sonoma or Pottery Barn. (Sorry Hubs, I didn't buy all those decorations at K-Mart like I might have told you). As if the fragrant smell of evergeen wafting throughout the house isn't enough, I splurge on a few over-priced Yankee candles to compliment the scent.

Speaking of shopping- more years than not, I am done with my shopping by December 10th. I LOVE buying gifts for other people and often times will go waaaay overboard in doing so. There's just something about the spirit of giving and seeing that look of sheer surprise and excitement on their faces as they unwrap their presents! And if I do say so myself, I'm a pretty great gift-giver. Throughout the year I keep a secret list for friends and family of items they've coveted and would buy from that list over the course of the year.

And believe it or not, I love wrapping almost as much as I love shopping! I will spend nearly half of what I spent on presents on tissue paper, wrapping paper, boxes, gift bags, bows, ribbons and matching gift tags. Everything has to match AND be color-coordinated. And when I'm feeling extra surperfluous and Christmas-y, I'll wrap each person's gifts in their own themed wrapping paper. (Either I'm filled with Christmas spirit or a little OCD!)

And baking. How could I forget baking? I rarely need an excuse to bake and a holiday such as Christmas only encourages me to bake more! One of my favorite (and totally simple) Christmas cookies is Almond Snowflake Cookies. Almost no prep involved and so delicious! And with Thanksgiving on my heels, the baking is usually in full swing!

Christmas 2007 in New York City

Not this year. I'm not sure who or what to blame but it doesn't even feel like Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I did all of the requisite shopping (maybe not in my usual timely fashion) and have wrapped all of the necessary presents (in last year's extra rolls of wrapping paper) and even went out and bought some new gift tags to match.. yes.. last year's paper. Last year's paper? Am I serious? I cringe just writing about it. However, in my defense two of the rolls weren't even opened yet.

Cookies? What cookies? I haven't even eaten a Christmas cookie, let alone baked any. Christmas music? Annoys me. B101.1 usually has some great variety when it comes to the usual Christmas tunes, but this year- all it does is make me want to change the station.

Why am I such a Scrooge? Don't tell me it's the economy. You can't blame everything on the economy, especially my lack of Christmas cheer.

Did I mention we don't have a Christmas tree? Or a Christmas wreath? Or any Christmas decorations out or up? This has been especially difficult for me to bear since I feel that it's the combination of these things that kickstarts my Christmas cheer. As I've mentioned before, Hubs and I are moving this weekend (tonight actually) and it didn't make much sense to go and do all of these things before the Big Move. And now it doesn't even feel like Christmas. Pah-thet-ic.

Whose idea was it to move so close to the holidays anyway?

Oh, right. It was mine. Because I couldn't stand to live in the same apartment for a third year in a row. I ache for multiple floors and flights of stairs. For a (real) deck and fenced in yard for Sully to run around in. To have walls that I can paint! Oh, the possibilities!!

A least I'm excited about something, right?

Gotta get back to packing boxes.. with things other than the puppy.


  1. I am sorry you aren't in the christmas spirit! It took me a while to get there. Do you want me to send you some homemade christmas cookies?!?!?! (I will!!) :-) I hope moving went well for you. :-)

  2. Okay so obviously I'm trying to catch up on back posts, but I just want to say your dog is adorable!!!


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