Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Playing Blog Catch-Up.

Here's a quick recap:

Hubs and I survived the move to the new house (minus our micro fiber couch that wouldn't fit through the doorway) with tons of help from my in-laws and favorite-est girflriend Pamcakes and only two very brief breakdowns by yours truly. We're halfway settled in and even have curtains hanging in most of the windows!

We spent Christmas in Maryland and had a fabulous time (until I was involved in a red wine accident while wearing my brand new winter white JCrew cords). Shoutout to Aunt Karen, Kelly and Jacq who quickly swooped in with white wine and a Tide stick before my eyes could well with tears.

Sully made the trip, too (who knew he would travel so well?) and even got a chance to play with the big dogs, Rudy and Tucker. Pictures to follow..

We still have yet to celebrate Christmas with my family who was supposed to arrive in Pennsylvania this past weekend, but due to a shingles-scare and a freak ice skating/chipped tooth accident, the plans were put on hold. (Hellooo, there's lot's and lot's of presents waiting here for everybody!!)

I'm loving my new job (but certainly have chaotic days where we have way too many patients scheduled at the clinic and not enough nurses to go around) and it's days like that when I just want to hide in the coat closet!

Oh and PS. Did I mention that we will be sans internet/cable in our house until the FiOS guy arrives on January 16th? Let's not even talk about how many great shows I will be unable to DVR between now and then. No, really. I don't want to talk about it.

So bear with me.. I haven't gotten lost in the holiday commotion, I haven't curled up in a ball in the coat closet somewhere and I haven't run off to some far-off distant, secluded island (even though I would unearth all of my summer clothes and pack my bags in a second!)

Happy '09!

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