Friday, October 16, 2015

I'm Mad About (Buffalo) Plaid!

I apologize if you happened upon this post because you, too, are mad about plaid. While I do love me some good ol' tartan, the point of this post is to profess my love for buffalo check. That said, saying "I'm crazy about buffalo check" doesn't quite have the same ring to it as that nice little rhyme up there and according to Wikipedia, "buffalo plaid" and "buffalo check" are acceptably interchangeable.  
Now, fashion blogger I am not but when I stumble across a good deal, a great boutique or a fab find, who am I to make you like it to know it or just keep it all to myself?
The answer is no one. I am no one but a wife and a mom of three boys who sometimes likes to get dressed up and go out with her girlfriends or her husband because it reminds her a little bit of the girl she used to be, the girl who had a soft spot for nice things and the extra pocket cash to spend on them before she wore snot on her sleeves and play-doh in her hair and fancied buying kids clothes over clothes for herself.
But back to that buffalo plaid. When I was recently contacted by Follow Your Arrow boutique, I spent some time perusing the shop and it wasn't long before I fell head over heels for this adorable Lumberjack dress. Now, knowing that I wouldn't necessarily have an abundance of occasions to wear it for, I thought perhaps that I would have no need for such a dress
I was wrong. Everyone needs this dress. Why? Because not only is it ridiculously adorable but it's also made from a mid-weight fabric that screams high quality. When ordering from these pop-up online boutiques I always find myself questioning the true quality of the product. In the past I've too often been disappointed in product that was sub-par yet marked up 400%. 
This is not at all the case with Follow Your Arrow boutique. In fact, I received three items from them and was completely blown away by the quality, fit and appearance of all three. I can assure you, you absolutely get what you pay for (and then some) when you shop Follow Your Arrow. 
When I first wore this dress I quickly realized that, at 5'7", I wouldn't be doing a whole lot of kid-wrangling in it, much less raising my arms above my neck. That's why it made for the perfect date night dress during my monthly dinner date night with my husband. 
I absolutely plan on wearing this dress much more often throughout the Fall  season and the addition of textured tights or leggings and booties will certainly make it much more apropos for my usual day-to-day activities.
Lana, the beautiful, fashionable owner of Follow Your Arrow, has kindly offered my readers 20% off their entire order
placed at Follow Your Arrow between now and October 21st
with code 20sale20.
Not sure where to start looking? Let me help. You must check out these bracelets (I'm wearing the Maverick here), this poncho (which I'll be sharing how I styled it next week on Instagram), this basic must-have tunic and these awesome cranberry colored utility jeans.
Needless to say both that tunic and those pants are sitting in my shopping cart, patiently waiting for pay day. 
So, what are you waiting for? Check out Follow Your Arrow and tell Lana I sent you. Be sure to use that 20% off code up there and stay up to date on new arrivals on Instagram and Facebook
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  1. I'm always so afraid to shop from online boutiques - I feel like the clothes are never as good as I think they will be. Checking out this one now.

  2. I LOVE this dress, and I think it would be perfect for our family pics here in a couple of weeks. Definitely clocking over to Follow Your Arrow to purchase!

    - Kealey @ Waking Up Watkins


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