Thursday, October 15, 2015

Add This Toy To Your Toddler Child's Christmas List!

For this sponsored post we played, laughed and 
learned on behalf of Playskool and Socialstars. #PlayskoolCrew

Ever since Carter, our oldest of three, started school last August it's been quite the adjustment period for his younger brothers at home. While I try to keep their hands and minds busy throughout the day with various play dates, games and activities, the absence of their best friend and playmate, for at least part of the day, is clearly evident.

Although we could never replace their beloved playmate and brother between the hours of 8am and 2pm, Play All Day Elmo has been an excellent stand-in in the interim and truth be told, a nice break for me as Leader of All The Fun Things All Day Long.

When Elmo comes out to play I know the boys are learning while having fun which gives me just enough time to drink a cup of coffee while it's still hot.

Playskool Sesame Street Play All Day Elmo is an interactive and engaging toy with 2 modes of play to encourage both younger and older children to have fun. In toddler mode, the mode we use when Collins is playing with "Mel-mo," he learns basic cause and effect play such as tickling Elmo for a laugh or squeezing his nose for a silly song.

Currently, that's Collins' favorite way to play with Elmo and the way in which most laughs are elicited. Collins loves to squeeze Elmo's nose and wait for his reaction, whether it's a funny noise or silly song. He also loves to give him a kiss and lay him down for "night night" in his crib.

In preschool mode Elmo dictates games and activities such as Red Light, Green Light, Freeze Dance and Elmo Counts, that can be played together with your child. While we're still getting the hang of what "Red Light" really means (there's lots of cheater, cheater pumpkin eater going on), Maclane, our three year old, gets such a kick out of hearing Elmo tell him what to do. He especially loves turning him upside down and bouncing him around to make Elmo laugh. 

While playing, laughing and learning with Elmo is tons of fun, it's sitting on the couch and cuddling with him that my three year old loves most. With a simple squeeze of Elmo's nose, soothing lullaby music begins to play, making him the perfect rest time companion.

As a mom, there are a few things about Elmo that I appreciate in particular. Not only is he an incredibly realistic counterpart of his storybook and TV persona, he also operates solely on 4 AA batteries despite the wide array of actions he's capable of. Compared to similar toys, this Elmo doll is capable of the same actions, if not more, but without charging cables, USB plug-ins and additional batteries. That's a solid win in my book!

Elmo is rated for children ages 18 months - 4 years old and with a variety of engaging games and activities, he is built to grow with your child.  He currently retails for less than $50 and would make for an excellent Christmas gift!      
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  1. I had been debating getting my guys this elmo...I am sold! Also, would love to know what games and activities you do with the boys to keep them busy....I am at a point where nanny ipad has to come give me a break almost everyday now. Thanks so much.


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