Monday, June 15, 2015

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas (For The Dad Who Has It All)

If the special father in your life has a hobby, I envy you. Truly I do! I'd like to think that I know both my father and my husband better than I know most of the men in my family and yet, as Father's Day rolls around each year, I struggle with what to buy for them and that's saying a lot because I love to gift and typically keep a running list in the Notes section of my phone when ideas pop into my head! 

Thankfully my Dad recently built one of those fancy Koi ponds in his backyard and let's just say there is no shortage of fun and exciting gift ideas for ponds. Last year I literally mailed him new Koi and just three short days after placing the order online, a box of five, LIVE!!, fish showed up on his doorstep. That said, I'm still left baffled and brainstorming gift ideas for my husband who rarely asks for anything and says he wants for nothing. 

I mean, what do you even get a guy who says that?

Let me make the challenge of finding that special gift for that amazing Dad in your life a little easier. Here's a quick and easy (and last minute) gift guide for the Dad who has it all:

Side note: I have given or will be giving each one of these gifts to my husband at some point in our relationship together, therefore they are tested, tried and true gift ideas for Dad! 

1. A Watch but not just any watch, a uniquely handcrafted all-natural wood watch from JORD: Because I'll be the first to admit, a wood watch? Is kind of totally sexy. 

The first "big" gift I ever gifted to my husband (then boyfriend) was a watch. At the time it seemed like the best, (read: safest and smartest) gift to give the guy whom I had been dating for less than a year at the time but deep down knew was The One. 

There's just something about a watch that acts as the perfect finishing touch on an outfit. Without many "accessories" available to men, a watch is a simple and easy way to add a personal touch to any ensemble and it was high time I provided my husband with some "wrist candy" options. 

I ended up choosing the Dover series watch in zebrawood and cream, a style and color that I thought would compliment both my husband's stature as well as his complexion and I was not the least bit disappointed at all in the look, feel and overall craftsmanship of the watch when it arrived. 

Crafted using natural elements and a sleek modern design, this watch is a distinct nod to the sustainable, simple and efficient lifestyle. Not to mention that it's quite manly which my husband definitely appreciated. 

When he tried on his new watch for the first time, he might have let out an "Arggh, Arggh, Arggh!" a la Tim Allen from Home Improvement (did I just totally date myself?)   

Wooden Watches by JORD

2. Workout Clothes (like these Pacebreaker shorts by Lululemon): My husband's workout wear was sorely outdated. We're talking the same ultra-baggy adidas sweats he wore in college and ratty old fraternity t-shirts. I knew it was time for an upgrade when he began to assistant coach our oldest son's t-ball team. After all, he couldn't very well wear a t-shirt that read: "SAE: We (picture of a screw), We (picture of a nut), We (picture of a bolt) in the presence of 14 5-year-old's and their families. He absolutely loves these shorts and (not so) secretly loves the built-in COOLMAX liner. For a guy who never shops for himself, he went right back and purchased two more. 

3. A Charcoal Grill , like this one from Amazon. I know nothing about grilling. Grilling is definite husband/Dad territory and it's something that both my husband and Dad really enjoy. I put this charcoal grill on my list of great gift ideas for Dad because my husband actually mentioned wanting one a few months ago ("there's just something about cooking over charcoal," he added excitedly) so needless to say, this baby shipped Prime and ended up on my doorstep last Friday. 

4. A Money Clip and Card Case by TUMI. While my husband prefers to believe that he can squeeze the contents of his wallet into a single titanium money clip (trust me, we've tried) the reality is that he requires something a bit more substantial. We both have always been fans of the quality and construction of TUMI bags and luggage so it only made sense to look there for a money clip and card case as well. This particular style has held up extremely well even with the occasional accidental washing. 

5. The Chillsner,  a beer chiller by Corkcicle. Because what man doesn't love a cold beer with every sip? And if there's any guy in your life that deserves a cold beer (or four) it's the Dad in your life.      

What's on your list for Dad this year? I've already got my Notes section open and waiting because we all know I'm already brainstorming ideas for next year! 

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  1. I have always been told it is bad luck to give a watch as a gift, so I avoid them (for me that has been true and it's silly, but I am a little superstitious), but I do love an old charcoal grill. The TUMI money holder is also a great choice! For my husband, we're bikers, so anything Harley Davidson and I'm set. LOL lucky I have an easy one!

  2. I've totally dropped the ball this year. Hubs really wants a fire pit, so I'm thinking about getting him a DIY kit. NOt sure he'll appreciate that gift though...

  3. Gotta get something off this list asap! thanks for the tips (and the reminder :))

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  4. It can be difficult to locate an awesome Father's Day blessing when Dad is the man who as of now has everything. father's day gifts


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