Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Elusive Date Night.

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I used to laugh when my kid-less friends proclaimed an ordinary Wednesday evening as "date night!" Often times it was decided ever so spontaneously and it never involved waiting on anyone else to come to fruition-including but not limited to the arrival of a sitter or the complacency of a rebellious toddler who suddenly decided that any activity that didn't involve you stationed within a 6 inch radius of them was for the birds. 
It was even funnier to me when these kid-less friends would wax poetic about their "date night in-" quiet, relaxed evenings chock full of wine, takeout, DVR'd favorites and ultra-late bedtimes with little to no consequence of this lateness the following morning, because, let's face it, they stayed in bed until noon which is what you do when you don't have three tiny humans poking you in the eyeballs and demanding sippy cups of "OWNAGE JUICE, PWEASE" at five-thirty in the morning.
Date nights once you have children are as elusive as the majestic unicorn your child keeps asking for for their 3rd birthday. Not only do they involve actual work to schedule them (clearing calendars, hiring sitters, etc.) but often times they also require actual physical work such as the calisthenics required to squeeze into several layers of Spanx just so that you can fit into your MILF-jeans.
Trust me, I get it. Date nights are just as important to a marriage whether you have kids or not but the reality is, once you have kids the entire date night experience changes. Prior to having kids you made a quick trip to the mall to pick out something new to wear, you probably talked about worldly matters over dinner, indulged in maybe one or two extra glasses of wine and stayed out well past your bedtime.
After having kids, "quick trips to the mall" don't exist and chances are you recently had a baby (recently as within the last two years) so you have no idea what size clothing you actually wear, you talk about Kindergarten applications and the latest Disney Jr. marathon during meal time then decline that extra glass of wine so that you're not slurring your words when you have to pay the babysitter later and stay out just past the kid's bedtime so that for once, for the love of all things holy, you aren't responsible for reading JUST ONE MORE story and coercing three tiny, manipulative terrorists to stay in their beds and go to sleep.
How do I know this? Because I've been there. As a matter of fact, my husband and I just went on our third date night in just as many years. I'm kidding, mostly, as we've clearly been on at least twice the number of date nights as we have kids which I will admit is never enough date nights but at this point in the game, we take what we can get. Although we've mastered the Date Night In After You've Drugged The Kids To Sleep it's nice to get dolled up from time to time and remember why you fell in love with each other in the first place.
And I'll give you a hint- it has nothing to do with the way your spouse sexily changes the baby's diaper.
When getting ready for Date Night After Kids, time is of the essence. You may not have countless hours at hand to primp and preen like you once did- often times, dry shampoo, eyeliner and a top that doesn't beg the question "is that chocolate or poop?" will have to suffice. 
The following look is nearly effortless, trust me. Not only does it quickly and easily transition one from Exhausted Mom of Three to Hot Mom; Kids? What Kids? but also it showcases quite possibly my favorite trend in footwear: the neutral bootie. (Shoetie? I'll never know but I do know that I've never met a bootie I didn't like and this pair from Rack Room Shoes does not disappoint).
sweater (on sale!) / leather leggings (similar) / bootie (on sale!)

sweater (on sale!) / leather leggings (similar) / bootie (on sale!)
This date night outfit wins additional bonus points because it feels like pajamas boasting an oversized chunky knit sweater and leggings that feel like butter. Dressed up for date night or dressed down with a casual pair of skinny jeans and plaid flannel shirt, the neutral booties are icing on the proverbial ensemble cake.
I love shopping Rack Room Shoes for a variety of reasons. Not only do they offer name brand on-trend footwear for the entire family but they do so at a cost that doesn't make me want to hide the receipts from my husband (come on, I'm not the only one who replies, "these old things? They're not new, you just don't remember when I bought them!) Rack Room Shoes also boasts an every day promotion of "Buy One, Get One 50%" on ALL available styles. You can pretty much guarantee to buy two pairs of shoes each time you shop because the deals are just that good.
Lastly, the Rack room Rewards program allows customers simple, instant savings with perks such as exclusive discounts, coupons and $15 in rewards for every $200 spent on their every day top brand merchandise.
Check out some of my other bootie/shoe-tie recommendations here and be sure to visit Rack Room Shoes before your next tri-annual Date Night!
this post is sponsored by Rack Room Shoes.
All opinions expressed were honest and my own.
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