Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kids and Cars: Is Your Car Kid-Proof?

When I think of the word kid-proof, I immediately think of those silly doorknob covers that make it nearly impossible for a grown adult to open their own bathroom door without busting into the pee-pee dance while they simultaneously twist, turn and squeeze that plastic contraption. Sound familiar to anyone else? Anyone? Bueller....?

One thing I do not think of when the word kid-proof comes to mind, however, is cars. Which, if you think about it, is rather silly because believe it or not, cars are kid-proof. At least, so are the ones made by Chevy or GM.

I thought it might be interesting to get a kid's take on what it means to be kid-proof, along with some other ideas on riding in cars safely and I'm so glad I had my four and a half year old on hand to take on the task. I'm also quite proud of him for knowing who the better driver is in our family. I'm sure his answer had nothing to do with the fact that the named driver is responsible for feeding him 3+ meals per day...

To read about a time that I was especially grateful for a "kid-proof" car, head on over here. Be sure to share your own stories of a time when you, too, have been thankful for a "kid-proof" vehicle!
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