Monday, July 28, 2014

#DocumentingLifeChallenge, A Fun Instagram Photo Challenge!

It's no secret that I love taking pictures, and not just pictures, but pictures of my kids. As moms, we know all too well how fleeting the moments are and how quickly children grow up. We struggle on the daily to capture them as they are before they get their first tooth, before they grow taller, before they stop saying their L's as W's. 

Before we know it, we're in line for kindergarten registrations and signing them up for sleep away camps. 

But in the mean time, we take pictures. If you love taking pictures just as half as much as I do, if not more, then you'll love this challenge that originally began with one of my favorite mothers, bloggers and mom-tographers, Jenny Collier

What originated on her blog a few years back has now transformed into an Instagram challenge with the help of myself and Erin, from Hello Erin. Since we spend most of our days in the trenches, picking up our digital SLRs isn't always the easiest, despite how often we wish out loud that we had "just a few more 'nice' pictures of our kids." Instead, we grab whatever is nearest and 9 times out of 10 that's our iPhones. 

So grab your camera phone. Be inspired by our prompts. Take more pictures of your kids and share them on Instagram with us, using the hashtag #documentinglifechallenge. 

If you're looking for a few good editing apps, I recommend PicTapGo and Adobe Photoshop Express. For those "sweet extras" like fonts and designs, should you want to add them, check out Rhonna Designs

Be sure to follow myself, Jenny and Erin on Instagram. With each new month we'll be sharing the photo prompts and encourage you to do the same! Then take one photo each week using that week's prompt and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag #documentinglifechallenge

Here are the August prompts for the challenge: 

We really hope you'll join us in this little challenge. Get creative- we can't wait to see what you come up with! I plan on taking this challenge and turning it into a photo book at the end of the year! 

You can also see the rest of the years' photo prompts below, just in case you like to be extra prepared: 

Week of August 4:  Summer Treats
Week of August 11:  Swimsuit Fun
Week of August 18:  Barefoot
Week of August 25:  Favorite Summer Activity

Week of September 1:  At the park
Week of September 8:  Ready for School
Week of September 15:  Favorite Book
Week of September 22:  The Whole Family
Week of September 29:  Fresh out of Bed

Week of October 6:  Helping in the kitchen
Week of October 13:  Favorite Fall Activity
Week of October 20:  Pumpkin Fun
Week of October 27:  Your child in their Halloween costume

Week of November 3:  Favorite article of clothing
Week of November 10:  Playing
Week of November 17:  Fall Weather
Week of November 24:  A Thanksgiving Tradition

Week of December 1:  Decking the Halls
Week of December 8:  A typical breakfast
Week of December 15:  Snow
Week of December 22:  A Christmas Tradition
Week of December 29:  Close Up

Week of January 5:  Their favorite toy
Week of January 12:  A quirk that you want to remember about your child
Week of January 19:  Tackling a challenge
Week of January 26:  Mom & Me

Week of February 2:  Creating art
Week of February 9:  Laughing
Week of February 16:  All bundled up
Week of February 23:  Some place you always go but never think to document

Week of March 2:  Dress up
Week of March 9:  Holding hands
Week of March 16:  Your child’s bedroom
Week of March 23:  With friends
Week of March 30:  Upset

Week of April 6:  Easter Fun
Week of April 13:  Spring Weather
Week of April 20:  Playing with Dad
Week of April 27:  Funny Face

Week of May 4:  Family Fun
Week of May 11:  Getting Messy
Week of May 18:  At the dinner table
Week of May 25:  Sidewalk Chalk Art

Week of June 1:  Water Fun
Week of June 8:  Family Pet
Week of June 15:  Mom in the shot – bedtime story
Week of June 22:  Favorite Snack
Week of June 29:  Celebrating America

Week of July 6:  A part of your morning routing
Week of July 13:  Your choice – what do you want to remember about your child at this stage?
Week of July 20:  Summer Nights
Week of July 27:  Smile

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  1. Kinda really extremely excited for this challenge. Maybe just maybe I'll learn my way around the "almost as frustrating as real photoshop" photoshop app... MAYBE.


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