Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What's REALLY Going On In These Pictures :: Christmas PJ Party Link-Up

Never one to miss any occasion to throw the M brothers in coordinating and/or matching pajamas and snap a few good photos, today I'm back again and linking up with my favorite Darci of The Good Life Blog and a few other fantastic ladies as they host a virtual Christmas Pajama Party. 

You may or may not remember my last attempt at coordinating M brothers in pajamas here for Halloween.

The funny thing about these pictures is a) they're nearly impossible to take b) they involve copious amounts of bribes (ie: props and chocolate) and c) it's a wonder no one gets hurt during these photos what with all of the ninja moves and toddler-blurring. That said, what else were we going to do for thirty minutes on this snowy day? We can at least say we tried.

Exhibit A: Maclane is growling all the while Carter is attempting to woo his reindeer friend.

Exhibit B: Carter is playing Keep Away with the reindeer. Don't they look like they're having fun, though? Someone may or may not have bitten someone else just milliseconds after this picture was taken. I won't name any names, ahem, Maclane.

Okay, here's where they get a little better. Somewhere around the 78th or 80th picture taken. What I won't tell you is that Carter was repeatedly bashing the poor sweet reindeer into Maclane's book. But doesn't it look like they're enjoying a sweet moment together? Oh, the power of the photograph. 

And for two of my favorites...

You can find the boys' pajamas here, unless they are sold out. When I first bought these two months ago, I had visions of them waking up in them Christmas morning to open all of their presents! Even after purchasing just a few extra pairs of Christmas jams since then, I still think these are the front runners! 

Be sure to  hop on over to Darci's blog and check out the other pajama'd cuties who've linked up! 

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  1. How darling are your little boys?! I love the 'wooing' of the reindeer!

  2. They are absolutely adorable!!!!! Stopping in from the link-up!


  3. too funny. I love the commentary on what is really going on =) The pictures sure are adorable though!

  4. Your boys, their Christmas Jammies and these picture are all just so darn cute!!

  5. these are the greatest outtakes! i am so in love with your boys.
    i want a big slumber weekend party happening.

  6. Precious!! I need to get some Christmas jammies for my boy. :)

  7. These photos are cracking me up! LOVE them! Thanks for linking up with us!

  8. Love them. The look so grown up in their jammers!


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