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Gettin' Crafty with Disney Junior: Celebrating Friendship, Bracelets Inspired by Sofia the First

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I've partnered with Disney Junior to share how important it is to keep friends both old and new!

Friendship is an important part of social and emotional development in young children. While there are many ways we can go about teaching children the importance and value of friendship, sometimes it's easiest for them to see it played out by some of their favorite Disney Junior characters. In return, they may internalize some of the behaviors and act them out in similar role play scenarios.

Created for kids ages 2-5 and their families, Sofia the First focuses on creative story lines centered around positive messages and life lessons. Sofia is a little girl whose ordinary life is turned extraordinary when she suddenly becomes a princess overnight. While she lives in a fairy tale world of magic amulets, castles and flying horses, she remains a relatable, down-to-earth role model who experiences many of the same social situations as young children often do. These situations include making new friends, mastering new skills and learning how to fit in.
My boys are still very young and at the ages of 7, 5 and 3 I try to promote kindness and friendship above all else. Along with such positive behaviors, we spend a lot of time focusing on patience, listening and sharing.
In the new episode on August 4th titled, "The Mare of the Mist," Sofia finds herself in a sticky situation where she thinks she must choose between her old friend Minimus and her new friend Skye. Along her journey, complications arise as her friends compete for Sofia's affection. Ultimately Sofia learns that by being true of heart and making space in her life for both her old friend and new, she can complete her mission and everyone wins.

Similarly, when my two older boys started at their small private school last year they worried about what would happen to their lifelong friends who would be starting over at the public school in our town. It was my job to reassure them that while they may not see their "old" friends every day, it didn't mean they would no longer be a part of their lives. I also explained to them that they have so much room in their hearts for old friends and new that nothing should stop them from making as many new friends at school as they desired.
Best of all, because they are such sweet and kind boys, I emphasized that there would be no problem getting everyone together and having everyone get along!

Inspired by Sofia's quest for friends both old and new, the boys decided they wanted to make friendship bracelets for a few of their close friends. Having recently had a stretch of rainy days, I knew this activity would be a good one to keep not only their hands busy but their minds, too, while we waited for the rain to pass.
Together they crafted bracelets inspired by some of their favorite Sofia the First characters. Can you tell which bracelets are inspired by Sofia? James? Sir Bartleby?

As with any type of arts and craft, it's best to do so under close supervision of an adult, especially if the craft includes small beads as this one does. Not only is this a fun activity for a rainy day but it's also an excellent exercise in pattern recognition and fine motor skills!
- All you will need to complete this craft is bracelet-making elastic and beads of your choosing. We used a variety of wood beads purchased online.
- To begin, I had each of the boys choose their favorite Sofia the First character and separate out the corresponding colored beads. While they were sorting, I snipped the elastic to fit their wrists and anchored each piece of elastic with a large wooden bead.
- Once they were ready to start stringing, I encouraged them to do so in whatever pattern their little hearts desired. Once they were complete I finished the bracelets by tying them off and adding a loop at the other end for the anchor bead to pull through.

The boys loved making these bracelets so much that every day they ask if they can "do some beading" again! They cannot wait to package these bracelets up and surprise their friends with them!
Perhaps I see a future junior entrepreneurial endeavor? ;)
Be sure to tune into new episodes of Disney Junior's Sofia the First Friday mornings on Disney Channel all summer long #DisneyJuniorFRiYAY fun!

This is a sponsored post brought to you in partnership with Disney Junior.
All opinions expressed above are honest and my own!

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  1. This is an awesome idea. As the mother of a. 8-year old boy, teaching the concepts you addressed are crucial.

  2. These are a fun craft to do with my two girls! We love Sofia the First

  3. These are super cute! My girls love Sofia the first, too.

  4. This is such an adorable idea! My girls would love it.

  5. Beading is so fun and relaxing...even if you don't have little ones! lol

  6. Beading is so fun and relaxing...even if you don't have little ones! lol


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