Friday, June 9, 2017

Meet Your Convertible Car Seat B.F.F: The Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Max

So, if you didn't know it, yesterday was National Best Friends Day. While I'm never one to miss a bandwagon holiday, I usually don't celebrate the ones that don't involve praising some kind of food or drink. National Doughnut Day? Consider it done. National Margarita Day? Most notably another favorite of mine. While I wasn't plastering pictures of my besties all over the internet yesterday for all to see, I was working on putting together a post to share how the newest car seat from Maxi-Cosi, the Pria 85 Max, is the premier convertible car seat on the market that offers a first-class ride from 5-85 pounds. 

It's based off the much-loved previous model, the Pria85 but comes with some pretty incredible upgrades.

Meet the ClipQuik, Maxi-Cosi's newest and most innovate buckle technology.

This makes the seat, hands down, every Mom and Dad's new best friend with its innovative features for a Better. Faster. Fit. See what I did there? Featuring brand new ClipQuik technology that lets you easily buckle a child with a magnetic chest clip and can be unbuckled with one hand, this seat makes strapping your little one in, a fuss-free experience. 

Maneuvering the ClipQuik is simple. You can release the clip by placing your thumb on the grey circle and sliding up. Yes, it sounds simple enough if you're the caregiver deactivating the magnet from the traditional seat-facing position. However, even if your tiny rider knew how the mechanics of the clip worked, it would still be impossible for them to maneuver from their angle inside of the harnessed seat. This innovation in itself is priceless when it comes to parents who have children who've mastered the great seat escape.

What I wouldn't give for the ability to buckle and unbuckle my child with one hand while juggling groceries, a handbag and heck, even a smaller sibling in my other hand. The ease with which this chest clip can be buckled and unbuckled by an adult is mind-blowing. Even better is that the ultra-strong magnetic clip makes it near impossible for your tiny passenger to un-clip their own chest buckle.

Another feature that I love is the flip away buckle. This feature prevents the buckles from getting stuck underneath your child or wrapped up in their clothing when you're trying to load or unload them from their seat. 

What about rear-facing and forward-facing guidelines?

The Pria 85 Max convertible car seat fits children rear-facing starting at 5lbs. with the brand new removable infant cushions. These cushions give smaller babies a safer, more snug fit and when used properly can keep them cozy up to 40lbs. 

When the child is ready to ride forward-facing, this seat can be turned around to safely accommodate children up to 85lbs.; the highest weight range offered by a convertible car seat. Forward facing, the Pria 85 Max is rated from 22-85lbs. and from 29-52 inches tall. 

It's important to keep in mind that the child's ears much be fully contained within the head reast and the harness must be at or above the child's shoulders at all times. The seat will be outgrown when the first of these limits are met. Both stages, infant and older child, benefit greatly from the safer side impact protection provided by Air Protect technology which protects your child where it's needed most, around the head.

But can I clean it?

YES! With a fully removable cover, the seat pad unsnaps and removes easily over the seat frame. There's no need to remove the seat from the car or to make complicated maneuvers with the harness straps. The seat pad is both machine washable and dryer safe making it easy to achieve a thorough clean for the many unexpected messes this seat may meet. We've all experienced them- from car sickness to diaper blowouts and all of the crunched up goldfish in between, it's easier to clean this car seat than most other car seats on the market.

Seat Highlights: 
1. Easy install.
2. Magnetic chest clip (great for seat Houdinis)
3. 1-step removable cover, machine wash/dryer safe fabric
4. Air Protect Technology surrounds child's head
5. New infant cushions safely adapt to babies as little as 5 pounds

What are my options and how much does it cost?

Available in Black, Nomad blue, Nomad green and Nomad sand, this seat retails for $349.99 and, in my opinion, is worth every single penny. This seat is quite large and with it, comes a need for ample space front to back when installed in a vehicle. The price tag is hefty which won't necessarily fit all budgets but it does boast some pretty neat upgrades that will last average-sized children quite some time. For those interested, this seat is installed in the second row captain's seat of a Chevrolet Suburban using the seat belt tether installation for a forward-facing rider 40+ pounds seated in position one. (The Pria 85 Max has a 40 pound lower anchor limit and my middle rider is currently 43 pounds). 

*I received this seat for free in exchange for my honest opinion as expressed above

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