Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mom n' Tot Box - A Monthly Subscription Service That's Worth It!

If there's one thing that sucks about being a grown up, it's checking the mail each day and being met with nothing but bills and those coupon books filled with deals on things like roofing, plumbing and landscaping services. I mean, wow, I get it. I'm old but that doesn't mean my mailbox needs to remind me of that each day! 

Enter the subscription box. I firmly believe this idea was invented solely to brighten up the mailboxes of responsible grown ups. Nothing, and I mean nothing, puts a skip in my step like knowing a subscription box is due to arrive on my porch at any minute. 

While there are hundreds of boxes out there, today I want to share with you one that's designed specifically for moms and their babies. Mom n' Tot Box is a monthly subscription box that, for a flat rate,  brings to you unique, age-appropriate items handmade by small businesses far and wide. Not only does this business support other US small businesses but by your subscription, you'd be supporting Rana, mom of 2 boys and founder of Mom n' Tot box as well and there's nothing I love more than supporting moms with a little side hustle. 

Come see what was inside of our December Mom n' Tot box! 

Mama's Lil' Cub T-shirt from Loved By Hannah and Eli

Felt Play Sandwich by Ellie and Pug

Wooden Painted Eggs from Pembi Made (another fellow boy mom, what what!)

+ a sweet and delicate leather key ring from Etsy store Just A Darling Life that I completely forgot to photograph because it had already made its way onto my key ring but I will happily share over on my instastories on Instagram! 

Since our box arrived, the boys haven't stopped playing with their new goodies! They love playing "restaurant" and taking turns placing orders and delivering pretend food to their table. I've always had a soft spot for felt and fabric food and honestly, this sandwich is the absolute cutest. Please, please check out Elli and Pug's shop and all of the insanely adorable (and delectable) treats she creates, like this felt and fabric sushi set:

We really loved December's Mom n' Tot box and look forward to our future subscriptions! If you, too, want to join in the fun, use code "subscribe10" for $10 off your first purchase! If not for you, a subscription like this would also make an excellent gift. 

You'd better hurry though, orders close TOMORROW, Friday the 12th, for the January box! 

*We received this box free of charge in exchange for our honest thoughts. No additional compensation was included and we're thrilled to spread the word about another fantastic mom-owned small business!

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