Monday, September 19, 2016

Easy Photo Books for Kids (Perfect for Vacations and Show-And-Tell!)

We've had some pretty great summers these last couple of years. The summer of 2015, hands down, was probably one of the best summers I'll ever have in my life and while there was nothing outwardly phenomenal about it, it was chock full of family moments and memories that I can't help but think back on and smile from ear to ear. It was just so good. 

I went into this past summer with low expectations. After all, there was no way we could top all of the fun we had the previous year and I'll admit that I was feeling pretty down about it. That probably sounds a little ridiculous but it's true! However, knowing that it was the last summer we'd have together before we sent TWO of our boys off to school, I was determined to make it a memorable one.

Now that our summer is over, I look back at all of the fun we had and laugh at myself for ever thinking we'd have less fun than the year before. Sure the summer of 2015 was special in its own right but this past summer was one that I'll always remember for its own bunch of unique reasons. 

Take for instance, for the first time in six years my husband and I were actually able to take all three boys to the beach and sit down while they played in the sand and the surf. Do you even know how monumental that is? 

Not only that, but we also had the chance to witness our youngest boy practically growing right before our eyes as he became one of the "big boys" and kept up with his two oldest brothers with every step, jump and leap. 

Whether it was an evening spent roasting marshmallows and playing make-believe in the backyard fort or embarking on one of the many family trips we took together such as Hershey Park, Wild West City or Fenwick Island, one thing's for sure: 

We had a ton of fun and we did it all together. 

As we jump head first back into a new school year, I want the boys to be able to look back on all of the really great stuff we did over the summer and recall just how the sand felt between their toes or the rush they got chasing down the bandits at Wild West City. 

Memories and moments such as the ones we made are much too precious to live on the computer and what better way to relive them than with photo books sized perfectly for their little hands?

Best of all, these photo books were created right from my phone using the Kodak Moments app. While the thought of sitting down to create a photo book may seem daunting, the Kodak Moments app truly takes the guess work out of the process and allows you to quickly and easily import photos from various collections right at your fingertips. 

Whether you choose a 4x6" or 5x7" book, your photos will print with stunning clarity and quality. It honestly took me less than 8 minutes to create each of these books and better yet, they were ready for pick-up at a local kiosk the following day. 

They're the perfect size for little hands and can easily be tucked into pockets or backpacks to share with friends. I love listening to the boys as they flip through the pages reliving all of the fun they had together. It's a special kind of something to hear them recount their adventures in their own words and I swear, each day they remember something different about something they did or somewhere they went.

Most of all, I love that these books will be something they have to look back on for years to come. 

To see some other ways I've used the Kodak Moments app in our every day life, check out these two posts here and here and be sure to download the app for yourself. It's a great way to capture the moments, big and small, that you'll want to remember forever.  

The app is available for download by both Apple and Android products. If you download it, look me up- I'd love to see what moments mean to the most to you! 
(Username: Ashley Paige) 

This post is brought to you by a partnership with Kodak. 
All opinions expressed above are honest and my own. 

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  1. these are so cute!! need to make a few from our vacation photos for grandparents!


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