Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Boys (Ages 2-6)

I know. Another gift guide. You either love 'em or you hate 'em and during months as early as October, you're inundated with them. Kudos though to those bloggers who have their stuff together enough to compile a gift list before they throw their annual Pinterest-perfect Halloween party. I am not one of those bloggers. In fact, I'm only about 55% done with my shopping this year and yesterday I realized I bought nothing for the baby. #ThirdChildProblems 

That's why I'm thankful for those bloggers, who like myself, publish gift guides, no matter how early or late in the holiday season they might be because even though I've been shopping for boys for nearly six years now, sometimes I run out of ideas and could use a little gift-spiration.

This year we're really trying to stick to the Want/Need/Wear/Read formula of gift-giving. It's become quite apparent given the state of our playroom (and the family room, the living room and the boys' rooms) that the boys do not want for much, if anything at all and therefore they do not need an abundance of toys this holiday season. That said, each of them has gone through their current stash, selected at least 3 toys for the Annual Toy Purge and Church Donation and picked at least one special thing they've had their eye on that Santa is going to try his best to provide for them. 

The following gift guides are made up purely of things that my boys will be receiving this year for Christmas, give or take an extra idea or two for inspiration. Most, if not all of the items featured are less than $50 each and we really tried hard to incorporate lots of hands on toys and activities. (Not pictured are the last minute Hape drumsmini electric keyboard and toddler guitar that Santa picked up!)

Want | RC Quadcopter With HD Camera | RC Monster Truck XL  
Need | Portable Art Set with Carrying Case | Waterproof Art Smock 
Wear | Kids Duck Boot (Little Kid/Big Kid)  
Read | Books for Early Readers

Want | Paw Patroller 
Need | Minion Play-Doh Set | Water Wow Activity Sets
Wear | Little Boys Yellow Rainboots 
Read | Skippyjon Jones Books

Want | Count and Learn Cookie Jar | Little Tikes Car Carrier 
Need | Plasma Car (to keep up with his brothers!) | Divided Meal Plates
Wear | Pajamas
Read | My Big Board Books
 Happy Shopping!  
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