Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Quick + Easy Holiday Cocktail: A Cranberry Pomegranate Champagne Fizz

This is quite possibly my most favorite time of the year. Everything takes on an extra special little glow to it around the holidays and now that we have a house full of little kidlets, the holidays are even more exciting and magical. 

This month and next I've teamed up with a fantastic group of bloggers from all walks of life to share with you some ideas for holiday entertaining, fashion, food, family fun and more! Be sure to visit each of the blogs below to see what they have to say! 

Now, I love any excuse to drink champagne and while most of my excuses are currently running around my house without pants on beating each other up, the holidays are an even better excuse to pop open a bottle of bubbly and catch up with family and friends. 

There's just something about the addition of champagne that immediately elevates the fancy-factor of just about any occasion. Even when I'm drinking champagne from a mason jar while wearing my yoga pants, I'm feeling pretty darn fancy.

Always on the hunt for a new champagne cocktail recipe, this is one recipe that never disappoints. Not only is the Cranberry Pomegranate Champagne Fizz (Cran-Pom Fizz for short) supremely easy to make but chances are you already have most, if not all of the ingredients on hand to whip one up. It helps that there is nary a day when there isn't a bottle of champagne or Prosecco in our house. 

Of course any juice can be added to champagne to make a cocktail (peach, orange, watermelon) but the addition of something less-fruity and more Fall Harvest-y like cranberry or pomegranate really makes this a Thanksgiving or Christmas-friendly cocktail.

This cocktail is best served during hors d'oeuvres or dessert. 

The Cranberry Pomegranate Champagne Fizz

You'll need champagne (I prefer my champagne sweet as opposed to dry, therefore personal favorites include Ruffino Prosecco ($12)Korbel Sweet Cuvee ($13) and Veuve Clicquot Demi-Sec ($50), frozen cranberries, several limes, and sweetened cranberry juice (or pomegranate-cranberry blend).  

In each flute pour a small amount of juice. Add a squeeze of lime. Top with champagne and garnish with a slice or ribbon of lime and two or three cranberries. Not only is it absolutely delicious but it's rather festive-looking too! (You could also substitute pomegranate seeds instead of the cranberries!)

Cheers! And don't forget to hop around for more great holiday ideas! 

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  1. Who doesn't love a good excuse for champagne! Looks delish-can't wait to read through the other ideas!

  2. This is beautiful and sounds delicious!!


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