Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Made to Stand Out: Cosatto Supa Umbrella Stroller Review

With three boys under the age of five, we like to make a scene nearly anywhere we go. In fact, we don't even have to try very hard to call attention to ourselves, most of the time just being out and about with these three handsome dudes is enough. Most will tell you, I'm sure, that you could hear us coming long before you could see us. Needless to say, I've sure heard my fill of "you sure do have your hands full." 

No matter where we go, if it isn't one of the boys calling attention to our special band of crazy then it's the mode of transportation we've chosen to bring along for the ride and the Cosatto Supa stroller with it's bright, bold and colorful print is no exception to the rule. 

I want to refer to this stroller as an umbrella stroller but really, it's so much more than that. First off, there are some really great features I want to point out, like the fact that this stroller comes with everything you'll need to stroll in style with your babe. As in, there are no additional accessories you'll need to purchase such as a cup holder, foot muff or rain jacket, which seems to now be the norm with many strollers on the market. Everything that I mentioned above is included in the initial purchase of the stroller. 

Second this stroller features some really fantastic upgrades that I have yet to see on other comparable strollers on the market. With a full recline position available, this stroller is suitable starting right from birth. What's more is that my 15-month old can sleep comfortably while out and about keeping up with the busy schedules of his two older brothers. The 4-position recline is fully adjustable with one hand making it cinch to adjust while on the go.

Another fantastic bonus feature of the Cosatto Supa pushchair is the multimedia gadget pocket with optional speaker. I know this feature could rub some individuals the wrong way but the truth of the matter is that this handy dandy little tech pocket is worth it's weight in gold. Should you not want to insert a tablet or phone for media viewing into the sunshade of the stroller, you could easily slip a board book, photos or flash cards in there as well. Either way, whatever you decide to slip in that pocket is out of reach but well within view of the child riding in the stroller. When baby is happy, everyone is happy and sometimes that means a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while in line at the DMV. 

With an extendable sunshade and optional foot muff and rain cover, this stroller is suitable for all kinds of weather. Since we've been using our Supa during the summer months, we've gotten a lot of use and appreciation out of the extendable sunshade and as we march closer and closer into the Autumn months, I can't wait to try out the super soft and cozy foot muff.

My husband's favorite features include the cup holder which can attach to either side of the stroller as well as the adjustable handlebars. One thing he cannot stand about a stroller is when it doesn't come with an adult cup holder and I can't say that I blame him! Whether it's an iced coffee or adult beverage, it's kept safe and well within reach on the Cosatto Supa.

I keep this stroller in my truck at all times. While I have two or three strollers on constant rotation depending on which child I'm pushing or where we're heading for the day, this stroller is great to have on hand at all times. Not only is it lightweight and easy to store but it folds well and doesn't take up much space at all once in the car. Another feature that I've grown to appreciate is the auto kickstand that enables the stroller to stand up right even while folded.

One last feature that can either make or break a stroller for me and our three boys is storage space. While I've had the luxury of strolling with some pretty amazing strollers, the truth is if it lacks storage, there really isn't a whole lot of room (no pun intended!) for that stroller in our daily routine. That said, between the decently sized storage basket that lies beneath the Supa as well as the handy little pocket on the back of the pushchair itself, there is plenty of storage to go around for our little family of five. While I can't necessarily store a large diaper bag beneath the stroller, I can stow away several water bottles, a diaper and wipes clutch, toys, a small kickball as well as three pairs of sunglasses, a water pistol, my car keys and two extra pairs of kid shoes.

I have traveled with this stroller many places over the course of the last several weeks. It has made the trek to the beach, the zoo, the popular park circuit in our neighborhood as well as a myriad of daily errands including but not limited to the grocery store, barber, pet store and beyond. It has stood up to the task of keeping up with our busy family of five while providing a safe and comfortable ride for both my 15 month old and 3 year old. 

Additional noteworthy features of the Cosatto Supa include the easy to wash seat that pops right off, adjustable calf rest and lockable front wheel. If you ask me, Cosatto has thought of everything when it comes to the Cosatto Supa umbrella stroller. My hat is off to them. 

Tried and tested, this umbrella stroller receives ten thumbs up! With its eye-catching design, outstanding features and superior quality, I wholly endorse this stroller! Way to go, Cosatto! You definitely take the boring out of baby products!      

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Additional Cosatto products that I love include car seats, high chairs and cribs! 

I received the Cosatto Supa stroller for free in exchange for my honest review and endorsement. No additional compensation was received and all thoughts expressed are honest and my own. Thank you, Cosatto, for keeping this mom of three boys stylish while on the go!  

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