Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Step Into Summer with Target Baby

Today I'm sharing summer wardrobe staples from Target Baby 
as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #TargetCrowd

I have a funny feeling that we're going to skip Spring all together around here and jump head long into summer once Mother Nature gets her act together. When it's not thirty-five degrees and we're struggling with whether or not to pack away the winter coats, Summer appears to be elbowing her way in with long days full of sunshine and highs in the upper seventies.

We're most definitely not complaining about the warmth, however, as it gives us an excuse to sift through our summer wardrobe and pull out pieces that give mothers everywhere what they desire most: easy access to those delicious baby and toddler thighs! Gosh how I've missed seeing those chubby baby legs all winter long!

To see more of my Target Baby summer wardrobe picks, head here! You won't want to miss the crazy steal I got on a pair of jean shorts- I'll give you a hint, they were less than $5! 

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