Monday, March 9, 2015

Have A Baby 10-15 Months Old? Then You NEED This.

Last week I took one look at the upcoming weather forecast and nearly died. Really, I did. I could feel myself slipping into a soul-sucking black hole and then buried alive by snow. I'm about to sound just like every mother on the Eastern seaboard from Maine to Virginia who is absolutely sick and tired of all the snow we've gotten but it's the truth. Cabin fever had nearly claimed us all and I wasn't about to face another snowstorm with the same old toys that my kids had grown weary of. 

The big boys are easily pacified by LEGOS, puzzles and let's be honest with ourselves, electronics of all shapes and sizes, so I wasn't necessarily as concerned with them as I was for our newly half-walking baby who hates to be set down and will surely smother me in my sleep if I, for just one more time, sit him down with a pile of books, blocks and the damn Latino Calypso singing/dancing Mickey (that's not really his name but it might as well be). 

I hopped on Amazon with an idea in my head and hoped I'd be able to find just what I was looking for and most importantly, that I would be able to have it shipped Amazon Prime so that it would arrive just before the snow fell. Lo and behold, my eyes fell upon the Little Tikes Activity Garden Center and it was love at first sight. The following day it showed up on my doorstep and I didn't waste one single minute setting it up for Collins to check it out. 

I kid you not, it has quickly become Collins' MOST FAVORITE PLAY THING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORD FOREVER AND EVER. And you know I mean business when I use all CAPS. I'm literally shouting at you from behind my computer. 
If you have a baby, especially a bored baby, between the ages of 10 and 15 months old, your baby NEEDS this activity center. It will keep him or her entertained for hours (okay, at least an hour) which, we both know, in baby time is basically half a day (or an episode of Real Housewives and at least one cup of hot coffee). 

See? Already it's worth it's weight in gold. What's even better is that until they learn that the door opens and closes? You can stick them in there like a little penned in animal. Listen, with three kids under five, (safe) Confinement is the name of the game. 

But really. Collins absolutely loves this thing. He loves crawling in and out of the front door. Opening and closing the front door. Opening and closing the mailbox. Playing peek-a-boo with the shutters. He loves dropping the brightly colored plastic balls into the ball drop but only after banging them together forty-seven times. The little activity pad on the side there? The one that's removable? He loves spinning the butterfly and looking at himself in the little mirror. 

It's been a little over a week now and no one has grown tired of this toy, not even the big boys. Maclane, at two and a half, even thinks it's the bees knees. I'm sure there are other activity centers out there that are just as fun but there's just something about this one. Oh and I forgot to mention that it's super easy to put together (I did it myself) and the hardest part was keeping the power drill away from tiny grabby baby hands. 

We all know March is always good for at least one more freak snowstorm. If you need a little sanity-saver in your life, definitely check this one out. It also would make an excellent Easter or first birthday present!   

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  1. I'm pretty sure this has been around for 21 years. My niece, who just turned 21, had it when she was a baby! I remember playing with her for hours!!! It had carrots, a mail slot and a door bell. I'm sure Little Tykes has updated it over the years, but fun, fun, fun!

  2. I almost bought that for Liam, but we ended up with a teepee instead! It's so cute, though!

  3. This needs to go into Amelia's Easter basket...or, her Easter basket needs to go in here...hmmmm, yes.


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