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Collins Mason :: Month One

I've been chronicling the lives of my kids here on this tiny space of the Internet for nearly four years now. From birth stories to birthday celebrations and all of the milestones in between, here they are, all laid out on a simple domain. 

I debated posting Collins' monthly updates here. I would like to think this blog has evolved since the birth of Maclane but at the same time, I've written down so much of our lives here in this space that I couldn't imagine not posting his updates. 

Like many bloggers, I very briefly contemplated starting a separate personal blog solely for updates on the boys but I was quickly reminded that I have neither the time nor the patience to upkeep a separate blog. After all I have a hard enough time carving out the time I both need and want to devote to this space. 

All that said, just like his big brothers, Collins' first year will be documented here on ILYMTC as well. And as many of us bloggers like to joke, as he grows and begins to wonder when he hit certain milestones, I will direct him right to this very URL. 

An electronic baby book of sorts. 

* * *

Collins Mason, you are one month old this week! 

Family and friends all around us are astonished that a month has passed since we welcomed you into our family but I will admit, I don't feel as if these last four weeks flew by. Maybe it's because I've been as cognizant as ever at how fleeting these moments, these first few weeks can be and I have been extra intentional about savoring them as best I can. 

As busy and chaotic as these last few weeks have been, I can remember clear as day the week we spent together in the hospital, just you and I, and I hope I can remember it that clearly forever and ever. It will always be an extra special week for me, getting to know you, just the two of us, without the distractions of home life. 

And by distractions, I mean your two awesome yet equally crazy brothers running around. 

As overwhelming as this transition to life with three kids has been, you have truly been the easiest piece of the puzzle. Much like your brother Maclane, you are such a calm little soul. You are a mellow, go with the flow, quiet kind of baby unless pushed past the point of hungry to absolutely famished, a finely lined tipping point I have quickly learned.

You are so quiet, in fact, that I sometimes worry about leaving you behind as we venture out of the house- or maybe it's just that your brothers are so, so loud all of the time. 

Speaking of brothers, they are so enamored with you. In the mornings, you are the first person they ask to see and before bed each night, you are the last little face they kiss. You are not only a gift to your Daddy and me but such an incredible gift to your brothers as well. I cannot wait to watch the three of you grow up together. 

At one month you are gaining weight left and right, evident in the addition of a new chin or two, and I believe this is responsible for the fact that there is nary a trace of newborn left on you. 

Because you are our last baby, I promise I will try not to be sad about this (and all other future milestones) but rather celebrate it and look forward to them. Bear with me though, because I'm sure there will be many bittersweet moments when I falter.

At one month you are in the vicinity of 12lbs and 23inches with dark hair and navy-grey eyes. You wear size 2 diapers and 0-3 month clothes. You are: 

Nursing exclusively on demand. From the moment we first nursed together in the hour after you were born, you seemed a pro and we haven't looked back since. I would venture to say you eat anywhere from every two to every four hours during the day and every three to four hours over night. Around week 2, I started pumping to build a freezer stash and so as to not make the same mistake we made with your brother, we started introducing a bottle that week as well. Once or twice a week your Daddy will feed you 3-4oz before bedtime and we joke that you're a chugging master. The catch? You'll only take the Medela brand bottles with those free nipples that come packed inside the free boxes of formula that come in the mail. Minor detail... 

Sleeping more than either of your brothers ever did, something I am not used to one bit! You take awesome naps during the day, often two to three hours at a time. At night you've been going down to bed around 9pm and waking for the first time between midnight and one o' clock in the morning. You nurse and fall right back to sleep without wasting a minute. Just like your brothers, you prefer not to be tightly swaddled but with a blanket lightly wrapped around your belly and legs.     

Loving naps, the mamaRoo, baths (which took a week for you to actually warm up to) and your brothers' voices. You can give or take the pacifier but that doesn't keep me from trying to force you to love it. Again, another lesson learned after your brother Maclane was born. You also love hearing your own voice, something you just started doing this week! It makes me laugh to watch you wind up with both your arms and legs a kicking and punching, just to push out one little "Ah-oooh!"


Not Loving tummy time so much if it occurs anywhere other than mine or your Daddy's chests. 

Going lot's of places! As the third and tiniest member of our family, you don't have the luxury of a schedule or a routine and you're much more of a "do as you go" kind of baby. You're an excellent rider in the car- on daily errands and running your brother to and from school, all the way to your very first trip to the beach!  

Doing not a whole lot but that's to be expected! You have plenty of weeks and months ahead of you to start doing. For now, I'm relishing in these lump on a log newborn days.  

Everyone is quick to tell us who they think you look like. Everyone swears you are the spitting image of your Daddy and Carter and I can't help but laugh. I see bits and pieces of them in you but I also see a great deal of myself and therefore, Maclane. I truly think you'll grow into a look all your own, the perfect blend of both your Daddy and me, the perfect blend of your brothers. If I'm being honest though, I do hope you keep that dark hair and blue eyes!

Happy One Month, Collins Mason! We love you more than carrots, the final piece to our crazy, loud and overwhelmingly loved family puzzle.  

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  1. What a sweet munchkin! So glad you're doing to document another M boy's milestones here. He's so sweet!

  2. Aw, he is absolutely adorable!

  3. you should be able to get the Medela brand nipples at Target. I'm pretty sure my Target carries them! Collins is so cute (and already so roll-ey! :) )

    i love your life with these boys and am so glad you are documenting!

  5. Happy 1 month, Collins!! Can't believe it's been a month already!
    It's a crazy ride--being the mom to three kiddos, but isn't it just the best!? I couldn't imagine our family without Hailey in it and that seems to be the case with your family and sweet Collins! They are the final piece to the family puzzle! :o)
    Enjoy the snuggles! I sure do miss those newborn days! How quickly they pass!

  6. Happy 1 month Colins! He is just so adorable. I love how he is chunking out, and those feet! Ugh--I love tiny feet! Soak him up mama!


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