I know what it's like to be a Mom. To walk around with your heart literally outside of your body. 

To want to capture every sweet moment of your baby, toddler and child's life and savor it, knowing that the next moment is right around the corner. 

That's exactly what is behind little. joys.

Knowing how fast life happens. 
Wanting to freeze it and hold on to certain moments forever and ever.

Whether I'm dancing around the house to the Hokey Pokey or chasing "C" around and around the yard, walking our Olde English Sheepdog through the park or hiking with my husband, I'm always camera-in-hand looking at the world through my lens. 

It's truly a beautiful way to look at the world...

I am a natural light family photographer, specializing in families, children, bellies and babies. I focus my talent on the surrounding Baltimore and DC areas as well as the Northern New Jersey area but welcome travel if desired! 

Visit the little joys. photography website or check us out on Facebook
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